16 December 2012

Yurika's 3-Day Visit

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog but then again, nothing interesting ever happens in my life plus it's nothing that seems to entertain the readers at all. But in the last three days my friend Yurika, who is from Japan, recently came to visit me in Melbourne!
Zoo's butterfly house
It was her first time traveling to Australia and it made me über happy because the sole reason she came to Australia was because of us. She had the opportunity to come and study in Brisbane for two months before coming to visit us in Melbourne. When I went to visit Japan last October we missed the chance to see her since our travel times collided but I'm so happy she took the time to visit!
Sumatran Tigers, gorgeous!!
Yurika and the giant tortoise
We picked her up from the airport on Monday morning and since she was only spending three days here we decided to head straight to the Melbourne Zoo to spend the day. I was hoping to let her relax a bit but the Melbourne Zoo is pretty much a trail you have to walk. I haven't visited the zoo probably in about 6 years so when I spotted the animals I was super fascinated and had a load of fun. I think we spent the most time in the butterfly house trying to tempt the butterflies to land on us. We spent about 4 hours wandering around before deciding to head home to rest before we took her to grab dinner at Hog's Breath.
The next day we took her out to Chadstone Shopping Centre and walked about, we took her to the Lindt store and bought some cookies and creams macarons. They were delish! We walked around some more to allow her to explore a pinch of shopping in Melbourne. Honestly, overseas is so much better and cheaper. But that's just my opinion since I love Asia so much.
Cookies & Cream Macaron cr: arty amanda's antics blog
Later that night we returned home and met up with our group of friends to head off to Glen Waverley to eat at RaRamen to celebrate Bach's 23rd birthday! We pretty much just ordered, ate...ordered some more...and ate. I think it was hilarious when I told Yurika that Bach's brother, Bao, was hitting on her. So every time he asked her a question she would shyly shake her head...quite furiously too LOL but it was all in good humour.

The next day it was a 34 degree day DX I can honestly say there was nothing that I wanted to do in such heat. I was thinking of going to the beach to chill but Yurika mentioned that she already sent her swimwear back home LOL but then Bach made the suggestion to go to Phillip Island. I was happy because well, it was my first time there...EVER!
Giant Yurika and puny me in the same room!
We dropped by a museum called A Maze'N Things. Seriously, it was pretty awesome LOL it's a place that's full of puzzle, optical illusions and great fun. Kids would love it, hence me teehee. Bach is a lover of such brainteaser puzzles so he pretty much loved everything.
Our next destination was the Koala Conservation but unfortunately that was closed due to being overbooked. I was sad, I wanted to get close up to a Koala :( but we decide to head up to Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm. We tried our luck in their outdoor lake but it got too hot so we ran back to their indoor pool where we would most likely catch a trout. We hired two rods but only allowed Yurika to fish to let her experience the thrill of catching a fish. She almost gave up after 10 minutes LOLL but encouraged her to continue and look at how big it was!!
Caught her first trout weighing about 850g
And voila we ate it!
All in all, it was an amazing visit and I hope that she liked it. As our last day drew near, we sat outside and just talked. It was just real nice and being able to speak normal English with her was a plus. You'd be surprised at how fluent she was before coming to Australia. I hope we get to see each other often in both Australia and Japan :)
Illusion of flying
Although I'm a Melbournian, I don't go out much and I'm a terrible guide in my own city but ironically I travel often to South Korea and Japan and I seem to know more touristy places there. I hope that in the near future Yurika returns back to Melbourne with Yuka and that they decide to spend a longer time here that way we can all do more :)

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