8 December 2012

I'm a spoilt brat: MCM

Lately, I find myself searching the MCM store. I'm not a particular fan of expensive handbags and the most you would have seen me spend on one is probably $130 (well, I did buy my J.ESTINA purse for $172 and that killed me). But recently, due to seeing EXO-M's Luhan sporting an MCM backpack, I thought to myself...FML it's so pretty, I want!

cr: the owner

While I was in Korea, back in February this year, I didn't even dare to enter an MCM store. As a matter of fact, most stores in Lotte Department store made me cringe. Yes, because I am an über cheap Asian raised only spend on what I need. So during the period of April through to October, I just found myself delving more into the MCM backpack and was determined to get myself one since I was to visit again.

I tried to get more information on it, searched eBay etc and I remember when my eyes landed on the price. It was selling for almost $720AUD. I thought WTF life is over, never buying it. I expected it to be expensive but not THAT pricey.

MCM store in Gangnam. cr: MCM Blog

Went to Korea again in October and I still didn't bother entering an MCM store. I was too chicken =__=" so I didn't end up buying it. I even had a last chance to buy it at Incheon Airport...and why do these high-end brand stores make me scared to enter them? As I boarded the plane to Japan, I failed my mission in getting my backpack. I felt so much regret that eventually Bach offered to buy it for me, given that it was a reasonable price. It was perfect timing as my anniversary/Christmas gift. (PS. I love my boyfriend)

I contacted my friend Yunji through Katalk and asked her about it, from there she linked me the Official Korean MCM site and praise the lord, I could see that the bags were decently priced from what I originally thought!! She offered to help buy it for me since it was hard to find any sites that sold it and even if they did we'd be worried if the bag wasn't legit.

The website and other bag I had my eye on!

It took a lot of debating and dilemma while choosing a bag. I was determined to get a backpack but Bach said it would be more versatile to get a shoulder bag or even a purse. I cringed because that would mean that I want both. After thoroughly thinking, I decided to keep my head straight and buy the backpack.

So after about a month since returning, Yunji sent me my bag and voila! Feast your eyes on my beautiful baby!!
Bach and me are her A-pop friends LOLL *Australian Pop*

It's gorgeous isn't it? This is the Medium Stark Backpack (미디옴 스타크 백팩) which retails for 555,000KRW (approx. $510AUD). I made sure to send a bit extra to Yunji to cover the shipping costs. I can't wait to save up and purchase another MCM bag!

I found it hilarious how Yunji sent it to me. It was in a huge box, I opened it to see the MCM signature shopping bag thinking "Ooo its in the bag" pulled it out...there was ANOTHER bag. I was like WHUT she sent me the shopping bag?! LOL

I have no idea when I'll be able to use it but I will cherish it forever!

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