27 December 2012

Review: Kiss Lash Glamorous Volume

Hey guys,

The product I'm reviewing and Japanese Brand Mascara: Kiss Lash Glamorous 01 Volume

This is my first time...like ever reviewing a beauty product. Don't judge me, I won't be good at it but I guess I like it so much that I want to tell you about it!

I honestly didn't know what to expect from a brand that I've never tried. I almost opted to buy more DollyWink mascara since I adored it but something compelled me to try Kiss. I stood there in Loft trying to decide whether I wanted the "Long" or "Volume" effect. I was in such a dilemma to buy both and I wish I did DX but as you can tell I bought this in volume and boy was I in a shock! From memory I think it was only like 935JPY ($12AUD). Cheaper than DollyWink!

The mascara wand is slightly curved with bristle brushes for better precision, curls and application on each lash. The lash formula is not dry at all and for some reason I love that with mascaras. I found that my DollyWink Volume mascara was a lot drier in formula. You see immediate results upon first application as well!

Left w/ and right w/o mascara/
I naturally have long lashes, well that's what I'm told. But how amazing are the results from a volume mascara? My lashes look a significantly thicker and it even added extra length to my natural lashes! Below are some more pictures for your eyes to feast on.

 You can even notice the effects of the mascara from a distance, which is something I definitely like without the need of false lashes. I honestly don't know if this product is waterproof. I fail to read Japanese and didn't bother asking Yuka to confirm.

Possibly the only negative thing I have to comment about this product is the fact that it is a bit troublesome to remove after a night out. Which is both good and bad. It doesn't smudge easily even if you rub it between your thumb and index finger. If it isn't applied evenly your lashes can clump up so make sure to separate them well.

Easy application (formula and brush)
Fast results
Adds both length and volume

Hard to remove
Not widely available online

I would definitely re-purchase this mascara again if I have the chance and I recommend that you try it!
All images were untouched/unedited and taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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