14 December 2012

Civant Skincare: Meladerm

Hello guys,

If you've been following my tweets, recently I decided to try out Civant's Meladerm to treat my freckles/pigmentation. It took me a few weeks to decide to try this as I've been reading mixed reviews on this product. Some say it works and some say that it was a waste of money. I went to my local Priceline to have a look at other products like Dr. Lewinn's Even Tone Lightening Cream, but I could barely find any reviews and if I did, they said it didn't work on pigmentation and recommended laser. Not really the option I was looking for since I didn't want to spend thousands to have them removed...I honestly would rather buy an air ticket to travel again LOL

I have suffered from pigmentation for as long as I can remember on both my cheeks and nose. I used to have two large patches on my nose in which I had one successfully removed back in high school. The one on the bridge of my nose was very stubborn, even having attempted to removed it a second time it's still there plain as day and quite visible through my pictures, even with makeup.

Since returning from my recent travels I made the mistake of NOT investing in any sunblock facial moisturisers. So when I took a look in the mirror and front-camera of my NOTE II, I was horrified. My spots have gotten darker and I had a lot more than I used to!

No foundation application
With makeup and still faintly visible.

The images above are the most recent ones of myself and my visible pigmentation before I started using Meladerm two days ago. It's light on my skin and after about 10 minutes you can apply your regular skincare routine.

What convinced me to make the purchase was the fact that Civant Skincare's Facebook page has over 13,000 likes. That told me that it may be worth a try and of course they're confident that it works if they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and results should be visible at around two weeks but full results are expected at 2-3 months of continuous use.

I will try and use this cream religiously and if there's any awesome results, I shall report back! I will record this process with my NOTE II camera since it's the only camera I keep strapped to myself 24/7 :) 

Let's hope for the best!

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