2 November 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul trip Day 5 + 6

Today was the day we headed up to Jeju island! We decided to catch the airport railway line from Seoul station since we were catching our flight from Gimpo Airport. It took about an hour from Chungmuro station . Just bare in mind that if you caught line 1 or 4 to Seoul station it's about a 5-10min walk to the airport railway. Lots of stairs and escalators.

The flight was short and pleasant but sadly the weather was so terribly gloomy! We were hoping for some sunshine but no luck. As we arrived at our hotel we were seriously too lazy to do anything for the rest of the night. We stocked up on some noodles, stayed in bed and watched some TV.

The hotel we booked was called "Ocean Grand Hotel". The hotel was situated by Hamdeok beach and it had a lovely view but the problem was the area was so deserted and secluded. Not many people knew English, not even the hotel staff so we were a little stranded.

After sleeping the entire afternoon and night, Bach and I finally woke up and decided that we HAD to make the day a little more productive. Luckily our hotel was situated near two sightseeing locations.

Inside the lava tube
The first destination we headed off to was Manjanggul Cave. My friend Hannah recommended this place and it was very interesting! Manjanggul cave is pretty much a lava tube cave, no not a live lava cave but one that used to have lava flow through it. It was about a 900m walk to the end. It was dimly lit but quite fascinating to see what dried up lava looks like, it's corrosion process and the shapes and forms it creates. It's worth checking out only if you're in the area. Entrance is only 1,000KRW (80c AUD). After returning from the lava tube we decided to grab a bite at the Korean restaurant nearby. There was a very limited menu but we decided on the pan fried pork and oh my goodness it was soooo delicious!! It's called "Jeyookboggeum" if you get the chance I recommend you try it :)

It was funny because we were trying to catch a bus to the area but weren't very certain since everything was in hangul. There was this adorable elderly lady at the bus stop and she started a conversation by asking of Bach was my "nampyeon" in English my husband lolol I just said yes and she giggled and complimented that he was very handsome haha

The next destination was a hedge maze that was only a 500m walk from th cave. It was just for some leisurely fun. Entrance to this amusement is 3,300KRW ($3AUD). All you had to do was find your way through the maze and once you reached the end you had to ring the bell! I think we breezed through it in under 10 minutes lolol

After that was all done we decided to head back to the hotel to nap and wait till restaurants opened to have some dinner. We ended up settling to have dinner at Goobne chicken which is endorsed by Girls' Generation.

I would have loved to have travelled more on Jeju island but I ended up picking a poor location to stay at because everything was on the other side of the island at Seogwopi. There are buses available to catch but if you don't know the area well it can be scary. Also traveling by taxi will eventually become expensive so it wasn't exactly the best option. So next time I plan to go Jeju I will do better research :)

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