13 November 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul->Osaka Day 9

Today was our last morning spent in Korea. I was already feeling sad and wanting to stay longer but of course I was excited to be flying back to Japan to be reunited with Yuka and the Sadamaru family!

We decided to just grab our last bite at Yoongane before waiting for our taxi to head to Incheon airport. I booked our flights to Japan with Asiana Airlines and our flight was filled with Japanese students. I particularly liked Asiana Airlines because it was quite roomy and the flight attendants were extremely friendly. Next time I fly to Korea I would love to try going with Asiana ^^  unfortunately it's only available to fly out from Sydney.

My MacBook...which he hogs zzz

Our flight from Incheon to Kansai only took about 1hr and 15 mins!! From there Bach and I had to catch a bus to Sannomiya where we planned to have met and be picked up by Yuka and her father. The ride took about an hour but the second we came into sight with Yuka she was frantically waving at us haha it was so cute!! Even her dad was all smiles ^^

Yuka's dad figured that we were hungry so he took us to Mosiac in Kobe which was nearby to eat at a buffet parlour.

Yuka and Bach
After Yuka's dad paid for our buffet we were headed back home to our second home in Kakogawa! Yuka refused to sit at the front with her dad that she squished up with us in the back LOLOL according to her we are pretty much a trio. We insisted that we could catch public transport back to her house without troubling them and her reply? "Noo you guys are my babies, you will get lost" haha

Halloween decorations
Kobe Harbour

On the way home we had a discussion of what we should do during our short stay, we suggested some karaoke and I told Yuka that Bach cannot sing unless he has lyrics in front of him...to which her response was "You are~ my fire...the one, desire" ...she just breaks out into a Backstreet Boys' song wtf LOL then somewhere along the lines of her singing while her dad drives "believe when I~ say-AKASHI BRIDGE!!" ...she was trying to point out we were driving pass Akashi Bridge only to fail because it was a further 10 minutes drive LOL

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge cr: Rizwan

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