6 November 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 8

Today was our last full day to spend roaming Seoul. Yunji had requested to see us one last time so we met her at Gyeongbuk-gung station where she wanted to take us to explore one of Seoul's most beautiful palaces.

It was a lovely autumn day and it made the palace shine even more beautifully. It was nice to actually see the transition of autumn where the leaves change colours and slowly set off into a slumber. In Australia...it looks nothing like that at all lol so it was quite fascinating.

We explored different parts of the palace. It was a bit of an exhausting walk but of course leisurely. Yunji kept insisting on taking photos of us as a couple to create more memories. The scenery of Gyeongbuk-gung is indeed beautiful and you will definitely feel like royalty walking through the palace grounds. The Koreans believed that if a palace is placed by a mountain with a flowing river, it's considered a wonderful feng shui. See for yourself, wandering around always gives me a nice peace of mind.

Yunji then proceeded to takes us to see the Blue house that sat behind Gyeongbuk-gung. This is where the president of South Korea works. It was really intriguing to see how much security was set up around the area. Every 1-200m that you walk, there were literally guards or policemen on standby.

Blue House

We turned into a little street called Samcheong-dong. It was a little abundance of cafes, restaurants and boutiques. We stopped by a cafe called Beans Bin for some waffles and tea. They make a very satisfying green tea, chocolate and cream waffle and iced tea!

We then caught a mini shuttle bus towards Chungjeongno station except we were so distracting to Yunji that we got off a stop earlier. She resorted to her iPhone for directions in which it literally told her to walk through an office building lolol do what appeared to be Yunji's shortcut ended up being a 30 minute walk and wandering while following an iPhone that told us to walk through buildings. Eventually we got to our destination: Yeouinaru subway station.

We decided to do some bike riding around the Han River Park! You can take either exit 2 or 3 and head towards the river. There will be bike hire places. To hire a bicycle for singles is only 3,000KRW ($3AUD) for the first hour. Couple bicycles will cost 6,000KRW $6AUD) for the first hour. Just leave a form of identification and payment with the bicycle rental attendant then you're good to go!

Bach and I got the couple bike...that thing I call boyfriend made me steer and peddle alone lolol but the ride was über fun and refreshing!! The Han River is lovely so make sure to stop by here to hire a bike or just walk along!

Yunji wanted to ditch us so we could catch a night ferry to admire Seoul's night city lights. But of course we refused and she said that crashed her plans haha but we wanted to spend more time with her and drink more fruit soju on our last night in Seoul.

Before heading to a drinking restaurant we decided to grab some Jjajangmyun in the area. Unfortunately I don't know what the restaurant is called but it was good and only priced at 5,000KRW $4,50AUD).

Yunji then took us to Sinchon, which is a university area. She led the way to a Japanese restaurant called Izakaya. Still full, we each ended up ordering a flavor each. The fruit soju here was so cheap and even better!! 2,900KRW ($2.50AUD) per 500ml. I recommend the blueberry, yoghurt and peach flavors!

The night was sadly coming to an end. It was plenty of fun and we're sure that we want to return, especially since Yunji was enticing us with other awesome flavoured alcohol and her special Jjajang-Tteokboggi!

We departed at Euljiro1ga where I did some last minute shopping damage at Pancoat, Roem and a cheap boutique store. Went back to the hotel to pack and get ready to leave :(

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