4 November 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 7

It was the day we flew back to Seoul and I was just so happy to get back to the city! Civilization and a city that could understand my English! Well I felt more comfortable in Seoul because I knew my way around better haha

We arrived back at our apartment at around 3pm, we quickly refreshed before heading back out for a full afternoon of shopping damage in Myeong-dong. But first I took him to have some real Korean BBQ. We ordered some beef and pork belly. Oh nom!

Bach and I ended up spending about $400AUD. Bach bought a hoodie from Pancoat whilst I bought a jumper for Florida at HatsOn. What I like about these stores is that they come in a variety of sizes, they're streetwear and decently priced...except for HatsOn. I spent $70 on a kids jumper D: just coz I love Florida that much. I also bought two lipstick shades from Banila co, and a few beauty products from It's Skin.

Bach and I couldn't decide on dinner so we ended up going to Sindangdong for round two of Tteokboggi at Mabognim and you know what? It was awesome and cheap.

We returned to Myeong-dong to walk around a bit more before Bach wanted some of their ice cream to end the night. He chose the green tea x vanilla flavor and it only cost 2,000KRW $1.50AUD) for epically long ice cream haha

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