1 November 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 4

Today was the day I was to reunite with my dear friend Yunji. She was rather excited to meet Bach because she thinks we're a uniquely cute couple lolol yeah...right.

She wanted to meet after 2pm because she had a job interview/test to head to in the morning so she too us to eat something light before meeting at Jongno 5ga station. Not wanting to stray far, Bach and I ended up heading to Dongdaemun to chill and we discovered that you could walk down the bridge and hang by the river.

It was so cool and refreshing. The sun was out and it was so relaxing. A man that was red in the face, probably had been drinking, stopped by to wash his hands and asked if we were Korean. To which we answered no then he proceeded to ask where we were from, replying with "Australia" he mixed it up with Austria and switched between the two before confirming it with "Ho-Joo". He was delighted that I knew some Korean and wished us and remaining pleasant trip.

It was time to meet up with Yunji who was going to take us to Gwangjang market. Gwangjang market has an abundance of Korean food. It's a bit cluttered but to explore the culture more I do recommend a stop by here! Especially if you want to try plenty of Korean food like pork trotters, kimbap, Korean pancake and I'm sure there's plenty more.

To get here just get to Jongno5ga station, take exit 8 and walk down a mere minute and you'll find yourself at the entrance. Be sure to carry cash as stall owners don't have card machines.

Yunji wanted us to try out some kimbap at a particular stall. She bought three servings and gosh that was already way too many because you get about 8-10 mini kimbap rolls! But it was delish :9
We wandered around some more before deciding to head off for some shopping. I was hoping to find some cute clothes for Polly's niece Florida so Yunji took us to Emart at Wangsimni station. Unfortunately there wasn't much I could choose despite the Hello Kitty range being so cute.

So we exited the mall buying some beauty products from Étude House and went for some Baskin and Robbins. It was terrible. They mixed up our orders and refused to even let us change it. The young girls were being rude and didn't even bother listening to us ._." even Yunji was peeved!

The three of us had nothing to do since Bach requested that we have some fruit soju. The restaurant wasnt actually open at 3.30pm lolol so we had to kill some time. We just wandered around in the underground shopping center called Enter6. I think they house the urban Korean brands like Pancoat and HatsOn. It's worth a look.

What I liked about Enter6 was that they had a whole Halloween theme going on and there was this guy sitting on the bench that blended in with the Halloween props and he'd occasionally jump up to scare the passing customers. I don't know it was just hilarious lolol every time I walked pass him I would just giggle, he was probably amused by me laughing haha

Just before exiting the underground shopping we ended up spectating some people down below who were getting scared by a pop-up zombie machine. It was hilarious because the people watching and waiting for the zombie machine to pop up were expecting it...and yet when it jumped at them they flinched lolol

Yunji decided to drag us out and find the fruit soju restaurant. The name of the restaurant is called "2nd" and it's about a 5 minute walk from the station. As we entered there was nobody there lol first alcoholic patrons of the night!

The setting and theme of the restaurant was lovely and seriously resembled a Japanese restaurant. There was a illuminated pond in the center whilst each seating area was separated by bead drapes. The restaurant was dimly lit but created a nice relaxing and enjoyable feel.

We were quick to order fruit soju and Yunji recommended that we try a dish called "Cham Ppong" and the BBQ beef ribs. A 500ml jug of fruit soju cost only 8,000KRW ($7AUD) and we were determined to try all four flavors; Kiwi, pineapple, pomegranate and xx.

Cham Ppong is a spicy seafood noodle soup dish. I'm not exactly a fan of spicy food but my god this was soooo good!! It's tolerable spicy and you will want to just keep eating and slurping. It was pretty much "so spicy but oh so good"

We ended the night by ordering some more chicken and potato fries. After an enjoyable night of chatting, teasing, good food and good company Yunji was determined to see us once again before we left for Japan. So we set a date to meet again!

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