17 November 2012

Travel Diary: Japan, Nara Prefecture

So...after day 13 I kind of just forgot to keep track of my travels .__." but what I can do is pretty recall what happened and where I went and talk about those particular events because they were, of course, the most memorable and I would most likely have pictures since Bach and I got lazy to lug around the D7000!

We did however, managed to head to Nara prefecture and Momoe tagged along with us! That morning when we got to the train station, all the express trains were terminated because someone had suicided. Yes, I know tragic news >_< but also because of that we took a lot longer than expected to reach Nara Prefecture. I think we took almost 3 hours or more but despite that, it was worth it!

We stepped out of the station and walked down towards Daibutsu. It was fascinating because there's actually wild deer roaming the streets of Nara. But they're not dangerous unless provoked and because there's so many people walking about the deers are actually used to human contact. You can actually buy these specially made cookies on the streets for 150JPY ($2AUD) and feed them. Warning though, because the deers recognise the food they will follow you to feed them.

Yuka and Momoe took us for a walk to see Todaiji temple. I've only heard about Todaiji temple and how it has a massive buddha statue. Oh my goodness, it was absolutely stunning!! I don't know, I found it to be really peaceful and it really surprised me with the size...it's really huge. *image on yo' left* I grew up with influence in buddhism so I love Buddha and visiting these kinds of shrines!

We explored the area, there wasn't much to see but you could just feel yourself at peace. There were lots of families, school children and couples that wandered around. I can't remember how much the entrance was but beware, there's deer inside as well LOL

I'd like to call her Chopper #6

Momoe isn't afraid like me.

Wow, we look like a decently normal couple.

Yuka is from the GinYu force.

Just had to add this candid shot!

Bach photobombing the girls LOL

お守りshopping "omamori" (Trans: Charm/Amulet)

I'm sure by this point in the pictures we have arrived at another shrine...my apologies I actually don't know what it's called but we just followed the trail and got here! It strongly resembles Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto!!

Washing hands for purity

These children were absolutely beautiful. They're from Egihashi Elementary School from Gifu prefecture and were on an excursion to Nara to meet and greet foreigners! It was hilarious because they didn't think of me as a foreigner until Yuka approached them asking why they needed to desperately find out then suddenly Yuka points at me insisting to them I was a foreigner LOL. It turns out that they were to practice their speech skills! How innovative right?

I only remember the little girl in the middle, Mitsuki. Her English was perfect, well decent enough that it was understandable. We even teased Yuka saying that when Mitsuki grows up, her English will be heaps better than Yuka's LOLOL

Seriously, it looks like Kiyomizu minus the forestry terrain

Deer hassling Yuka for more food LOLOL
We continued to follow the trail and headed for the exit. We stopped by this really hilly hill...Yuka said that my friend Dorothy had climbed that hill during her visit in April and recommended that we do the same because the view from the top of the hill was spectacular. I was really quite hesitant to do so since we'd been walking around Nara for almost an hour or two. But she really insisted so we paid the entry fee of 400JPY ($5AUD).

It already looks pretty!
 It was seriously an exhausting walk. Walking uphill is no fun. But if you were to ever stop by here, I recommend that it is worth the walk. My friend visited during when the cherry blossoms were in season and I was über jealous. Imagine the path walking and a slight breeze pushing and pulling the cherry blossom leaves. Yuka said don't worry, we get to see tall grass. Yes, because grass is awesome.

Alas, we've reached the top. The view? The camera could barely capture it's beauty. We were literally standing on top of Nara prefecture awing at the view. The best we could do is the picture below.

Our panoramic shot!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures =)

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