17 November 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Day 12

Today was the day I was excitedly waiting for! We were heading to USJ for the day and I was heaps more excited because they had a Halloween event going on! We were supposed to go as a double date along with Yuka and her boyfriend, Takeshi but he was too ill to make it :( There were heaps of dress ups and cosplayers it was amazing...only problem was if you saw a high school uniform you actually couldn't tell if the chick was a real high school student or a dress up lol

On the train to USJ

We got to USJ at around 12:30pm and just bought a express ride pass. We had to get on a few rides before 4pm since they were gonna switch some of the rides into a horror version. If you want an uber adrenaline rush, trust me you'll love their Hollywood dream roller coaster. It's just effin awesome.

Space Fantasy's mascot!

Other rides I loved were Space fantasy, Spiderman and Jurassic Park! USJ is heaps fun and has more of the mature rides, whereas Tokyo Disneyland is fun but a bit kiddy for me. But either is worth a visit :)

By the time we finished riding our main attractions and it was getting dark. The interesting part was when it was 6pm and half of the theme park became a zombie land. If you were to walk around you would definitely encounter a zombie at least every 5-10m. It was creepy but so much fun watching the other people get scared.

*pout* we're scared!

Yuka kept squealing and running from them lolol even dragged me along making me scared. We decided to walk through the zombie area once again and it was funny that some parents actually took their children and made them scream and cry. Why would you do that to a child?! I couldn't help laughing because it was so cute!! Yes, when children cry I find it amusingly cute.

A Chinese zombie!

Eventually we got tired of USJ and decided to head on home...except Yuka kinda failed in that aspect and we caught the wrong train and headed in the opposite direction lmao so we wasted about an hour trying to get back home where Takeshi was patiently waiting to pick us up to take us out to eat.

It was entertaining to meet Takeshi. This is the first time I've ever formally met any of Yuka's boyfriends. What I like about Takeshi is the fact that he wanted to learn English to communicate with us before we even arrived! I hope to see more of him because he likes to pick on Yuka like us lol

A monkey that was hopping about out USJ 
Bach's pervy habits

Sailor scout!
One Piece Hancock Boa & Trafalgar Law!!
A pumpkin from the parade

A gorgeous parade dancer!

Spiderman fans LOL

Halloween town projections!!

Luigi-san <3

Snoopy store!

Really...we don't have that many problems

And Yuka thinks we're her babies..

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