16 November 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Day 11

Today was a day where we were going to be reunited with our good friend Kazuki! We met him last year in February and we got along so well. His a hilarious guy that was always curious, every time we spoke you would hear him in the background going "nani, nani, nante, nante...oh yes!" haha he had a cute spirit and of course like many guys, had a little romantic relationship with Bach (._." )

Kazuki picked us up at around 11am before heading out for some breakfast in the area at a restaurant called Cafe Gusto. I can't remember what we ordered but the food sure was good! We didn't have any plans on what to do so we just headed up to Round 1, which is a game and bowling complex in Kakogawa. We played some Taiko no Tatsujin and watched the boys play some childrens game. I had my eyes on a Chopper on a UFO machine but if you know Japanese UFO machines, they are über hard!

Kazuki was determined to win it for me so we went to ask a clerk to shift the Chopper plush into an easier position lmao he did this about...I don't know 5 times before the guy realized how much we spent on the machine so we made it über easy that if we knocked it slightly we'd get it...but in the end Kazuki knocked the machine with his leg and got me Chopper lolol

I was so touched that all I kept saying was thank you and hugged Chopper tightly. Kazuki is the sweetest! We played a few rounds of table tennis and pool before leaving, Kazuki wanted to take us to the seaside to see the view. Like any other seaside view it was cool and refreshing.

We ended the night with some karaage, gyoza, udon and tempura for dinner before heading home to watch some comedy called "Gaki no Tsukai" which is a batsu game (punishment game). I'm sure you've heard of it where 4-5 guys get put into a daily scenario set up by the director where they have to try and last a day without laughing. If they laugh they get punished, pretty much smacked with a bat on the ass. Seems cruel but it is hella funny! Check video below :)

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