14 November 2012

Travel Diary: Japan Day 10

Just to be clear, I'm not exactly staying in the heart of Osaka. I'm currently lodging at Yuka's house which is about an hour and thirty minutes train ride away.

We woke up at about 10am and Yuka barges into the room saying that Momoe will be arriving in an hour. The plan for today was just to be reunited with our friends whilst having some takoyaki.

We picked Momoe from Higashikakogawa station and headed straight to the nearest supermarket where we separated. Yuka and Momoe went hunting for takoyaki ingredients whilst Bach and I...just literally shoved snacks into our shopping basket lolol

We headed on back home after we were done and Yuka's mum started to make the takoyaki mixture. The girls then started making some takoyaki mixed with octopus, sausages, cheese and kimchi. My favorites were of course kimchi-yaki!

After we were done eating, Yuka decided to have a little game of Russian Roulette where she filled one of the balls with wasabi. Tatsunori arrived just in time for the game. We played some rock paper scissors before we each had to choose a ball to eat. I have to admit that Momoe, Bach and I cheated haha but Bach ended up getting the wasabi takoyaki!

Soon after we decided to play a few rounds of Donkey Kong on Nintendo Wii before Tatsu had to leave and head out to work. Yuka dragged us all out to take a look at his car haha. From memory Tatsu lived alone and only owned a bicycle in the area and it was only about a month ago he bought a brand new car! Congrats to him and working hard ^^

After he left Momoe and Yuka said that they needed to shop for shoes so we tagged along and headed out shopping. Unfortunately I don't know what the place was called but it was toward Akashi and it was pretty much like a direct factory outlet! But we didn't find anything we liked so we headed back home and did some shopping damage at ドン・キホーテ AKA Don Quijote (pronounced as Donki-hote).

Don Quijote is my favourite place to do random shopping. It's like K-mart/Big W mashed with a bit of supermarket. They have a huge range of cosmetics, haircare, body care, toiletries, some clothings (kirigumi suits, trackies, lingeries, shoes etc), snacks, drinks, anime related items, car accessories, home decor...yeah just the list goes on almost anything you need. It's very similar to LOFT.

Bach and I never have a clue on what we buy whenever we go...we just chuck things in randomly and suddenly bang, $150 gone in one transaction. If you get a chance or ever find a Don Quijote, do go in and look around! :)

Natto! D:

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