23 November 2012

Five years too long...

Korea 2012
It's that time of the year again where Bach and I have reached our anniversary. I'm still baffled that it has been five years already. I always joke that it's been way too long but the more time I spend with him, the shorter it always feels. I'm not usually sentimental or sweet and although a lot of people say that they "aren't an ordinary couple" for me, those words are far too common and boring.

Bach is;
My best friend.
My boyfriend.
My princess.
My wifey. 
Punching bag is inclusive.

I know some friends are already nagging "GET MARRIED ALREADY!!" and I understand that you all want a wedding to attend to ...well yeah...NO. Please don't pressure me. Weddings are just hell expensive and I'm still 22 years young and I still have a future ahead of me. Besides we aren't in a rush and there's more things I want to do as opposed to what I need to get done :)

Japan 2011

We recently returned from our first ever holiday together, as you can see from my previous travel diary posts. It was amazing and I already want to go back again. We've been talking and it's a high possibility that we will be going to Vietnam next year. If that happens I will make another stop by Korea and the boyfriend has happily agreed with the plans! So fingers crossed ^^

Anyway, this post has dragged on so I'll try and keep this even more short.

Dear the thing I call boyfriend,

These past five years have been amazing. We've had ups and downs but I'm glad how well we handle those situations as a couple. Although we didn't do anything special to celebrate this milestone, every day with you is already awesomest. You spoiling me with your affection is more than enough for me.

Thank you for standing by me, spoiling me, putting up with my constant nagging and everything else you do. You're amazing and I couldn't ask for more. Waking up with you everyday really is a blessing and I can't wait to see what our future holds.

Thank you and I love you...sometimes, maybe. Okay, not at all.
Happy Anniversary.

P.S. Our anniversary was on 19th November.

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