11 October 2012

Wake up~ 5 days to go!

Hey all, what's up?

Nyaaa there's only five days left until I'm officially going on my holidays with the boyfriend to South Korea and Japan ^^ I'm excited...so excited that I haven't even started packing yet o(._. )o yayy but it has always been a dream of mine to travel to BOTH destinations at the same time so woohoo!

I can honestly say that I haven't really planned anything BUT I've already made dates with my friends over there so I'm totally looking forward to it. Lucky for me, I'm gonna go to Everland and Universal Studios Japan in which both will have a halloween event! Cannot wait...well I don't know what to expect. I just love theme parks and daring rides teehee!

The both of us will be each carrying our cameras and going on feasts and doing a lot of sightseeing! Hopeful that the weather will be your average beautiful autumn day. I'll try and blog frequently about our adventures and I guess you can expect a lot of food porn, recommended destinations and restaurants. Well, I sure hope I have that kind of drive to blog lolol but I will have direct internet access as well as my MacBook Air so...no excuses but I will do my best to blog while the memory is fresh ;)

What I'm more excited about it seeing my friends again in either countries ^^ it's been over a year since returning to Japan and only 7 months since Korea this year!

Oh and even though I'm not a huge fan of pink...I adore my Pink hard case suitcase that I asked the boyfriend to buy me a mini pink carry-on one too XD

So bye for now, see you in a week .... maybe!

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