28 October 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 3

Today we were finally able to arrange plans to meet up with Anne and a friend of hers.
I expressed interests in going to visit Cube Studios which is owned by Cube Entertainment; housing artists such as B2ST, 4minute and BTOB.

The cafe is located in Cheongdam and since Anne came from the opposite side we decided to meet at Cheongdam station and catch a bus from there. I can't remember which bus exactly but all you have to do is get to Hotel Prima and you are about a 5 minute short walk from there!

As we arrived the cafe was actually quite empty but most of the patrons were actually young high school students. I loved the inside memorabilia they had of the artists, unfortunately I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take images. There really isn't much to the cafe so we decided to take a stroll down the street and what do you know? We found JYP Entertainment!

Bach, me, Angelica & Anne!

With nothing much else to do in front of the actually entertainment company we decided to head up to Apgujeong to meet up with Anne's friend Joy who was going to show us to SM Entertainment's cafe. We were famished by then and decided to grab some pasta at a restaurant called "Black Pepper" which is endorsed by Yoochun, Kim Tae Hee and xxx. The pasta there was just simply amazing and the atmosphere they created was just so warm and friendly! This restaurant is located by Apgujeong-Gil 42. When I was there in February they actually were still under construction!

After filling our stomachs we took another stroll down the road and came across the brand street that housed high-end brands like Louis Vuttion, MCM, Armani etc before stumbling onto SM Entertainment. God I was so thrilled since I've always had a thing for SM Artists! I was hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of my future husband Kris but no such luck. You wouldn't believe how many fans were actually just sitting by and hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols.

We couldn't be bothered waiting around and Bach was nagging to visit Gangnam just so he could do the Gangnam style dance lol so we took him briefly before heading straight up to Korea University where there was supposed to be a Farewell Super Junior concert for their leader Eeteuk.

Once we arrived at the gymnasium there were so many people it was shocking. There were at least 4 different lines and they were all connected for the entry into the venue. There could have been at least 10,000 fans and they all weren't just Korean. I noticed a lot of Thai, Japanese and Chinese fans flew in just for the concert. Getting tickets could've been a couple of hours wait and we seriously weren't guaranteed either. You'd be shocked to know that tickets were only 18,000KRW ($17AUD)!!

It wasn't worth the wait so Anne, Angelica, Bach and I headed back to Myeong-dong to grab dinner. Since Bach and I paid for their lunch, Anne and Angelica were obliged to pay for dinner. Anne really wanted us to try "GamJaTang" which is a pork bone broth. We managed to find a restaurant near Euljiro1ga. It was different but definitely filling and delicious. I loved how the meat attached to the bone would easily peel off.

We parted ways after dinner, can't wait to see Anne again soon. I had so much fun visiting the richer area of Seoul and seeing the entertainment companies!

Kris, come to meeee!

Reading maps LOL

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