27 October 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 2

Up in Sky Art 63 Building

Forever alone

I originally was supposed to meet up with Anne Unni but she ended up finishing work at 6am that day and asked to stay home and rest. With the entire day free I wasn't sure what to do but then Bach mentioned that he wanted to check out an aquarium. The only place I could actually think of was 63 Building in Yeouido.

The view of Seoul City

Funny thing was, it was actually our 59th month anniversary of being together so I guess this can be considered as a date. So I took Bach to 63 Building and we bought the BIG4 savings ticket which included; Sky Art, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, IMAX and Seaworld which came to a total of 34,000KRW per person ($32AUD).

It was fun but there were a lot of school children that were there on an excursion so it was quite noisy but that aside, it actually felt like a date :) After we were done with checking out the city view of Seoul we decided to head back down and take a walk along the Han River Park. It was superb, serene and beautiful. I wanted to take a ferry down to Jamsil but realised that it would take at least 70 mins and we were just dead hungry.

Otter in Sea World

We caught the subway back and got off at Sindang Station and went off at Exit 8 and headed down the road to Tteokboggi Town for some dinner. It's only a 200m walk from Exit 8 and you will see a sign that says "신당동떡볶이타운" in other words "Sindangdong Tteokboggi Town" I recommend that you visit and try Tteokboggi at "마복님떡볶이"

We bought a plate of Tteokboggi for two for only 11,000KRW (approx. $10AUD) plus Cass Beer and a Cola for 4,500KRW ($3AUD) THAT IS CHEAP AS and it was hella relish!! Its the first restaurant on your left as soon as you pass the town arch. I think it's one of the popular restaurants because it was always busy! After eating a very satisfying dinner we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading back out to Namsan Tower.

I remember catching a shuttle bus just outside Myeong-dong subway station at exit 2 but the only problem was how long we had to actually wait :( so Bach and I ended up catching a taxi to the foot of Namsan mountain instead of going to the cable car area. Darn taxi driver told us to cross the road to catch a taxi on the other side…so we did and the actual taxi we got in was whining to us and still took us to the worng location. Thankfully the guy that worked at Namsan gave us more direct instructions on how to get there by bus, might I add he was hella cute and spoke perfect English *blushes* so we caught the bus and walked uphill towards the needle. My god, the walking was killer. If you aren't used to hiking then I suggest to enjoy your trip more, go and take the cable car.

We didn't stay too long because by the time we arrive at Namsan it was already 9:40PM and the cable car closed at 10:30pm latest. So we rushed to buy the observatory tickets which were only 9,000KRW per person ($8AUD). The view is great of the city's nightlife.

If only he was eaten by a pelican..

Night view from Namsan!
Me and Leonardo

Bach and Bear Potter

His smile is horrific

Sindangdong Tteokboggi Town


After it's done cooking!

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