28 October 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 3

Today we were finally able to arrange plans to meet up with Anne and a friend of hers.
I expressed interests in going to visit Cube Studios which is owned by Cube Entertainment; housing artists such as B2ST, 4minute and BTOB.

The cafe is located in Cheongdam and since Anne came from the opposite side we decided to meet at Cheongdam station and catch a bus from there. I can't remember which bus exactly but all you have to do is get to Hotel Prima and you are about a 5 minute short walk from there!

As we arrived the cafe was actually quite empty but most of the patrons were actually young high school students. I loved the inside memorabilia they had of the artists, unfortunately I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take images. There really isn't much to the cafe so we decided to take a stroll down the street and what do you know? We found JYP Entertainment!

Bach, me, Angelica & Anne!

With nothing much else to do in front of the actually entertainment company we decided to head up to Apgujeong to meet up with Anne's friend Joy who was going to show us to SM Entertainment's cafe. We were famished by then and decided to grab some pasta at a restaurant called "Black Pepper" which is endorsed by Yoochun, Kim Tae Hee and xxx. The pasta there was just simply amazing and the atmosphere they created was just so warm and friendly! This restaurant is located by Apgujeong-Gil 42. When I was there in February they actually were still under construction!

After filling our stomachs we took another stroll down the road and came across the brand street that housed high-end brands like Louis Vuttion, MCM, Armani etc before stumbling onto SM Entertainment. God I was so thrilled since I've always had a thing for SM Artists! I was hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of my future husband Kris but no such luck. You wouldn't believe how many fans were actually just sitting by and hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols.

We couldn't be bothered waiting around and Bach was nagging to visit Gangnam just so he could do the Gangnam style dance lol so we took him briefly before heading straight up to Korea University where there was supposed to be a Farewell Super Junior concert for their leader Eeteuk.

Once we arrived at the gymnasium there were so many people it was shocking. There were at least 4 different lines and they were all connected for the entry into the venue. There could have been at least 10,000 fans and they all weren't just Korean. I noticed a lot of Thai, Japanese and Chinese fans flew in just for the concert. Getting tickets could've been a couple of hours wait and we seriously weren't guaranteed either. You'd be shocked to know that tickets were only 18,000KRW ($17AUD)!!

It wasn't worth the wait so Anne, Angelica, Bach and I headed back to Myeong-dong to grab dinner. Since Bach and I paid for their lunch, Anne and Angelica were obliged to pay for dinner. Anne really wanted us to try "GamJaTang" which is a pork bone broth. We managed to find a restaurant near Euljiro1ga. It was different but definitely filling and delicious. I loved how the meat attached to the bone would easily peel off.

We parted ways after dinner, can't wait to see Anne again soon. I had so much fun visiting the richer area of Seoul and seeing the entertainment companies!

Kris, come to meeee!

Reading maps LOL

27 October 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 2

Up in Sky Art 63 Building

Forever alone

I originally was supposed to meet up with Anne Unni but she ended up finishing work at 6am that day and asked to stay home and rest. With the entire day free I wasn't sure what to do but then Bach mentioned that he wanted to check out an aquarium. The only place I could actually think of was 63 Building in Yeouido.

The view of Seoul City

Funny thing was, it was actually our 59th month anniversary of being together so I guess this can be considered as a date. So I took Bach to 63 Building and we bought the BIG4 savings ticket which included; Sky Art, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, IMAX and Seaworld which came to a total of 34,000KRW per person ($32AUD).

It was fun but there were a lot of school children that were there on an excursion so it was quite noisy but that aside, it actually felt like a date :) After we were done with checking out the city view of Seoul we decided to head back down and take a walk along the Han River Park. It was superb, serene and beautiful. I wanted to take a ferry down to Jamsil but realised that it would take at least 70 mins and we were just dead hungry.

Otter in Sea World

We caught the subway back and got off at Sindang Station and went off at Exit 8 and headed down the road to Tteokboggi Town for some dinner. It's only a 200m walk from Exit 8 and you will see a sign that says "신당동떡볶이타운" in other words "Sindangdong Tteokboggi Town" I recommend that you visit and try Tteokboggi at "마복님떡볶이"

We bought a plate of Tteokboggi for two for only 11,000KRW (approx. $10AUD) plus Cass Beer and a Cola for 4,500KRW ($3AUD) THAT IS CHEAP AS and it was hella relish!! Its the first restaurant on your left as soon as you pass the town arch. I think it's one of the popular restaurants because it was always busy! After eating a very satisfying dinner we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading back out to Namsan Tower.

I remember catching a shuttle bus just outside Myeong-dong subway station at exit 2 but the only problem was how long we had to actually wait :( so Bach and I ended up catching a taxi to the foot of Namsan mountain instead of going to the cable car area. Darn taxi driver told us to cross the road to catch a taxi on the other side…so we did and the actual taxi we got in was whining to us and still took us to the worng location. Thankfully the guy that worked at Namsan gave us more direct instructions on how to get there by bus, might I add he was hella cute and spoke perfect English *blushes* so we caught the bus and walked uphill towards the needle. My god, the walking was killer. If you aren't used to hiking then I suggest to enjoy your trip more, go and take the cable car.

We didn't stay too long because by the time we arrive at Namsan it was already 9:40PM and the cable car closed at 10:30pm latest. So we rushed to buy the observatory tickets which were only 9,000KRW per person ($8AUD). The view is great of the city's nightlife.

If only he was eaten by a pelican..

Night view from Namsan!
Me and Leonardo

Bach and Bear Potter

His smile is horrific

Sindangdong Tteokboggi Town


After it's done cooking!

26 October 2012

Travel Diary: Seoul Day 1

Hey guys,

Real food after two days!

What's been happening? I'm currently in Seoul! Well, in all honestly it took me a whole freaking day to get here. Why? Because I honestly must say, AirAsia X screwed up my flights. I was supposed to arrive in the late afternoon at 4pm but instead I had to arrive the next morning. Not a happy camper.

In short, AirAsia emailed me TWO DAYS before my departure flight on October 17, informing me that my flight to Kuala Lumpur will be delayed by 2 hours. I arrive at KL at 9:15am and my connecting flight to Seoul was at 9:00am. Seriously, WTF. The next available flight that they could put me on was the 01:00am flight on October 18. That was a bloody 16 hour layover. You can imagine how many angry people there were waiting to return home Seoul. We were lucky enough to have done some research at LCCT Airport in KL and found there was a hotel that offered a "3 hour refresher pack".

So if you ever find yourself stranded at Kuala Lumpur's LCCT Airport for more than 5 hours, then I suggest you check out Tune Hotels for a temporary stay. It's about MYR55 per three hours you stay. It's not the best but it was tolerable, squishy bedrooms. They also have a shuttle bus that runs frequently to LCCT, about every 15 minutes, and it will only cost you MYR1! Cheap yo! But after this ridiculous affair, I'm not sure I ever want to fly with AirAsia unless I actually decide to visit Malaysia or something.

Anyways, onto the better stuff. I'm finally in Seoul and the hotel staff at Han Suites were just amazing. I reunited with the pretty unni that worked at the desk. Unfortunately, I don't really know her name...it was just the pretty unni LOL although check-in time was at 2pm they allowed us to get into our rooms early to rest and freshen up. You should've seen the state of our hotel room...we literally threw everything everywhere and showered. It was heavenly.


After we got settled I took Bach out to Myeong-dong to grab some lunch. I took him to 유가네
(Yoogane). It's a restaurant that specialises in Chicken Galbi fried rice. It's very cheap and filling. With this restaurant you need to at least have a serving per person which ranges from 5,500KRW depending on which kind of dish you order. You can add in extras like mozzarella cheese and tteokboggi.

After eating we were so exhausted that we went back to our hotel room to take a nap for god knows how long before waking up and decided to head off to do some shopping at Dongdaemun market to buy clothes for my fat niece Florida. Dongdaemun was one of my favourite areas to shop for clothing, so if you go to Korea I recommend Dongdaemun for fashionable clothing. Make sure to carry a decent amount of cash especially if you visit Dongdaemun because these markets rarely carry card or EFTPOS machines...but you can find ATM machines nearby DOOTA.

Take exit 8 and walk straight down, alternatively you can take exit 9 and do a small U-turn, but make sure you pass a bridge, you will notice a sign that says Pyongchang Clothing Market or something like that. You're heading in the right direction. Keep heading down that way and follow the foot path and you will see a mammoth silver giant thingy. Keep to your right and you should see Migliore and Doota mall. Check those both out!

Dongdaemun bridge
Traditional building in Dongdaemun

They carry jewelry, shoes, children's clothing, women's and men's (in Migliore mall the men's section was not great because the sale's attendants keep nagging you to go check out their stall so if you want mens clothing go to Doota!). I only bought two sets of clothing for Florida before setting off back to Myeongdong for dinner at Pane&Pasta.

If you want to try good pasta...GO TO PANE&PASTA. You will not regret and a main pasta dish will cost you from 11,000KRW and it is the AWESOMEST. Promise :)

11 October 2012

Wake up~ 5 days to go!

Hey all, what's up?

Nyaaa there's only five days left until I'm officially going on my holidays with the boyfriend to South Korea and Japan ^^ I'm excited...so excited that I haven't even started packing yet o(._. )o yayy but it has always been a dream of mine to travel to BOTH destinations at the same time so woohoo!

I can honestly say that I haven't really planned anything BUT I've already made dates with my friends over there so I'm totally looking forward to it. Lucky for me, I'm gonna go to Everland and Universal Studios Japan in which both will have a halloween event! Cannot wait...well I don't know what to expect. I just love theme parks and daring rides teehee!

The both of us will be each carrying our cameras and going on feasts and doing a lot of sightseeing! Hopeful that the weather will be your average beautiful autumn day. I'll try and blog frequently about our adventures and I guess you can expect a lot of food porn, recommended destinations and restaurants. Well, I sure hope I have that kind of drive to blog lolol but I will have direct internet access as well as my MacBook Air so...no excuses but I will do my best to blog while the memory is fresh ;)

What I'm more excited about it seeing my friends again in either countries ^^ it's been over a year since returning to Japan and only 7 months since Korea this year!

Oh and even though I'm not a huge fan of pink...I adore my Pink hard case suitcase that I asked the boyfriend to buy me a mini pink carry-on one too XD

So bye for now, see you in a week .... maybe!