30 September 2012

Kat's 21st Photography

So it was a friend's 21st yesterday. Bach and I had the privilege of photographing for the event.

There were two other people with DSLRs that went around taking the pictures but I guess this is the result of Bach's photography and my editing skills. 

Nang & I
Birthday girl Kat & I
Preview of my dress
Sok & I
Jason & Bach (le boyfriend)
Me, Sok & Kenny
Birthday girl & girlfriends
Gorgeous birthday girl!
No caption needed.
Sok & I again!
There are plenty of pictures that didn't feature me...but I guess I just really liked how these turned out so sorry for my vanity!

But can you believe? I bought that Miss Shop dress from Myers for $35 and my wedge sandals are by London Rebel from Famous Footwear for only $40 :) I'm such a cheap Asian =P

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