28 September 2012

Jay Park Concert in Melbourne

Hey wassup?

My signed CD!

Well as it says in the title above, Jay Park landed in Melbourne city on Wednesday, September 26th for his "Meet & Greet" session with the VVIP ticket holders which comprised of an autograph and a photo with the oh-so-Asianly-cute Park Jae Bum! I went with le cutie Kimu (xxshinrai) and Bach (le wifey). Kimu and I arranged for a cap to made as a gift for his arrival in Australia. Hope we likes it!

The cap design for Jay!
Although, I must honestly admit that I wasn't overly-fangirling like some girls I witnessed squealing at the sight of him...or even that one girl who even pecked him on the cheek! Let's face it, I like Jay Park not love, I was barely even starstruck. But having the opportunity to meet him was just there and I took it. It's rare that a Korean Pop artist ever comes to Melbourne let alone a meet and greet session with fans.

Waiting in line with Kimu to meet Jay!

But what can I say? Jay Park, dayum that boy is hella cute in real life!! Saw him from a distance and that even made me smile. He was wearing fashion specs that made him look even more dorky. Although he didn't say much, he did seem more professional and kept his mannerisms in place. I was hoping he would be more...how should I say? More laid-back like he is in his YouTube videos but nonetheless I was happy to meet him, grab his signature, a picture AND a hug :) *I am never, ever washing myself again* JOKING. But I probably wouldn't if it were Kris or Kikwang XD

The following night, September 27th, was his actual concert date. I was thrilled to hear how touched he was by the amount of support he had recieved from Melbourne, more so surprised because he had never expected a big turn out. Yes Jay, we love you!

My words can never really describe his concert enough. It was amazing. Seriously, freaking awesome. A whole lot better than I had ever expected!! Jay's vocals are very consistent in pitch and tone...he would have you wrapped around his finger any moment he sang. When he moved and started dancing...that was just his aura of awesomeness. He had so much energy and always gave it 100% if you ever have the opportunity to see him live, do it. Worth every cent and second.

Even when he spoke girls would scream and told us there was no need to scream at everything he said and yet...they still screamed haha. He was just so charismatic, the laid-back and carefree stage Jay Park is what I loved and enjoyed watching the most!! Even when girls asked him to rip off his shirt he was hilarious "What? Oh Imma sit down and rip off mah shoes!"

All in all it was a great night. I had so much fun watching and recording him!! The only downfall was that we weren't allowed to use my DSLR, which sucks balls. But I did manage to bring along the Nikon S9100 and my Galaxy Note for pictures and videos.

Anyway, feast your eyes on the select few images of Jay below :) Click to enlarge.

Enjoy and you're welcome!

So, here's my proof that I got to meet Mr Cutie Jay courtesy of Kpop Australia's Facebook.

Me & Jay <3
Bach & Jay

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