19 September 2012

Drama Addict: 아랑사또전 『Arang and the Magistrate』

Back with another K-drama addict post! Must say I really am enjoying two of the currently airing dramas but I would have to say this is actually my favourite and that I really hate waiting every single week for this drama to be released!

The drama is called: 아랑사또전 (A-rang Sa-ddo Jeon) or in English "Arang and the Magistrate".
What caught my attention of this particular drama was the fact that the leading roles were 신민아 (Shin Mina) and 이준기(Lee JunKi).

Episodes: 20 + 1 Special
Genre: Romance, fantasy, mystery, comedy, action, melodrama

I absolutely adored Shin Mina in 내 여자친구는 구미호 (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or My Girlfriend is a Nine-tail Fox) and because Lee JunKi is well known actor as well as a very pretty boy, who could resist his charm? What surprised me more was the character of the Shaman played by Hwang BoRa! I've always admired her flawless beauty and finally get to see her in action.

Hwang BoRa

Arang and the Magistrate is a drama that's set in the Joseon Dynasty. Arang (played by Shin Mina) is a young, mischievous pure spirit ghost who happens to meet Kim Eun Oh (played by Lee JunKi) who is passing by town in search of his lost mother. Arang discovers that Eun Oh has the ability to communicate with ghosts and tries desperately to convince him to help solve the mystery behind her identity and death. What dark secrets await them as they discover the truth about a corrupt town and the truth behind Arang's death?

Magistrate Kim Eun Oh

Interesting indeed and of course you get pretty decent eye candy! JunKi plays a very dashing male lead and he just has me head over heels every time I watch. Although I must admit that I have a fairly odd attraction towards the male character who plays the Jade Emperor *below image*

Jade Emperor played by Yoo Seung Ho
His character is just outright adorable! The kind of playful male that acts like he doesn't take things seriously but is serious :D If you watch, you'll get what I mean ^^

Anywho, this drama should be wrapped up in 5-6 more weeks. If you're not watching and want something to watch, I recommend this drama along with "To the beautiful you" :) Enjoy!!

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