16 September 2012

Buy, buying, bought.

What up?

Firstly, yeah I know, I should be saving. My trip is less than a month away and I've been kinda spending like crazy. Not insane where I don't have any savings but, nonetheless it's still spending D:

So what have I been buying?

Any One Piece fans out there?

Luffy x Tony Tony Chopper
Well I don't watch the anime despite having heaps of jigsaws of it LOL but I am definitely a fan of the adorable Tony Tony Chopper! Bach bought his Monkey D. Luffy New Era snapback last year in Japan and since then my brother bought one...and after a whole year, I set my eyes on that Chopper snapback and thought, ah why the hell not? So I finally got it =D
You can find these One Piece New Era caps on eBay!

You know, I'm a B2ST fan girl right?

So, uh...I couldn't decide which B2ST 5th mini album to buy. So, I bought both. Yeah, I'm in shock and laugh at myself for this. One was a limited edition with photo card and photo book whilst the original edition just looked amazing with the steel masquerade mask. Seriously, I was in a debate for 4 hours on which one to buy...that I just bought both! Courtesy of the boyfriend for buying the limited edition one because he was trying to cheer me up ^__^
I buy my Kpop CDs from www.kpoptown.com

I'm a girl and needed some new clothes.

Yeah, my final purchase was 2 pairs of jeans and a top from ASOS. I was in desperate need of a pair of black skinny jeans and my eyes caught on a pair of dark indigo skinnys....I could not decide so, again I bought both =___="

The only other kind of spending I've been doing is either on food and bills. I hate bills. That aside, I'm not much of a compulsive buyer at all...but seriously, I think it's because I've been feeling so depressed that I just spent in hopes to make myself feel better since I love receiving things in the mail. But I'm happy with my purchases and trying hard to refrain from anymore unnecessary purchases for the next month or so. But, it's not too bad to treat yourself once in a while, right?

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