16 September 2012

엄아 생일축하합니다~

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. Happy birthday to my gorgeous mother~

My mother's birthday was approaching fast and usually my brother and I struggle to find her a gift idea. How and what do you buy a woman that's given you everything and wants nothing in return? My mum is seriously 대박! Aside from her being so totally awesome...she is a natural troll LOL

I remember that my mum has always mentioned about going to China Bar Signature but felt that it was way too expensive for her tastes. (My mum is a major Asian that doesn't like to spend big, she'd rather just spend $10 on her meal =__=") So my brother and I decided that we were going to take the family and pay for both of my parent's since we rarely ever get to take them anywhere for ANY occasion so we wanted her to be able to indulge in some nice food at our expense.

So it was the family; May parents, Cham (my brother), Polly, Bach, Bao and myself. We all arrived at the restaurant and we all got out of the car, walked towards the restaurant and she realised she still had her socks on, so she stopped took them off and shoved them in her handbag LOL there were more of her random spur moments like...I was taking her to the dessert section and she had a fried quail on her plate. She didn't want to mix it up with the desserts so she shoved the quail in her jacket pocket =__=" the things she does. She even went all shy when Bao complimented that she was beautiful LOL

But getting serious here.

Our mother is someone we love and cherish very much. We wish we could spoil her so much more because as a mother, she has given us so much that we can never be thankful enough for. My mother is one of the most unique, beautiful, wonderful, strong, independant and most understanding woman I know. She is my hero, my idol and she has always been there for me, never giving up on me especially if I'm a not-so-great daughter. I love her so much and I try to show her everyday how much I appreciate all she's done for the both of us and even her other in-laws that she already treats like family and her own.

I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful woman as my mother, she's raised me up to be who I am. Her constant love and affection is unbeatable on so many levels. The struggles she's sufficed through the past and present are incomparable but one thing I know for sure is that my brother and I will continue to present her with unconditional love in the future.

So mum, I'm so thankful you were brought into this world on September 15th and raised us to be amazing children. I hope you're proud of us because we sure are proud of the woman you are, have been and will always continue to be.

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