5 August 2012

La Saturday


I'm back again because I'm just major bored on my Sunday night.

As Saturday came around, I was up early went to eat out and visit my favourite little fatty, Florida and celebrated Polly's birthday amongst her other minion of nieces (Polly has a massive family). My little cousin had also requested that I did her hair and makeup for her formal that day D:

This is what I had to work with LOL

I was so honour but at the same time I was freaking out. No one, not in a long time...or probably EVER  has asked me to do their hair and makeup for an occasion. I was thrilled that she had trusted me enough to do it LOL I mean she has an older sister, Ravy, but I guess she was too busy to spare some time and since I was doing nothing.

BB cream + Eyeshadow

We literally sat their giggling for like 10 minutes, my cousin is a bit of a nut and an airhead. She has little knowledge of makeup so she trusted me LOL *pressure was on* and she decided that she wanted a natural makeup look that didn't look too over-the-top with false lashes and curls for her hair. So...I tried to work my magic!

And voila!
Her selca LOL
Le end result!
What do you think? She's a cutie though!

Meanwhile we were trying to organize a little family BBQ with our speciality lamb on spit roast. It's just literally a whole lamb on a spit, cooking and you just pick and eat it. It was a mixture of; birthday celebrations of Polly & Judy, welcome back for the Nguyen brothers (Bach and Bao) and because it also fell on the 100th day of my grandmother's passing. But it was just a good occasion to see the family :)

Lamb spit roast. Taken from bach_ero's Instagram

Also, welcome two new additions to my pandora bracelet!

Teehee~ that's all from me for now, I swear ^^ Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend and are able to tackle the coming week~

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