18 August 2012

High Tea for Classy Ladies / Kimu's 23rd Birthday

Ayo wassurrrp?

Saturday's MOTD

Very unclassy of me but I had a wonderfully busy weekend last week as I was just so caught up in reading but I managed to get out, stretch my legs and since I have time I wanted to blog about my dear friend Kimu's 23rd birthday celebrations.

Friday night she had a celebration at the Melbourne Central Lion Hotel which all friends of hers were to attend, relax and have a drink. It was fun to see everyone but unfortunately I don't have many pictures except of me and Julie camwhoring as you can witness our antics below.


Saturday afternoon the closer girlfriends to Kimu met up at Crown Casino Complex and headed towards The Waiting Room to experience Afternoon Tea. She had requested that we all get pretty and look like 'classy ladies' complimented with pearls instead of diamonds. I can assure you, we probably only looked the part but deep down inside we're just a bunch of little girls who just wanna have fun. But I gave it my best attempt to appeal and look classy :)
The restaurant was stunning and our waiter, Francisco, was the most charming man you'd ever meet!! He was so polite, friendly, humble and very accommodating since it was our first time, for some. I  loved the fact that he didn't discriminate and remained poise, professional, high class and always addressed us as "madam" and knowing it was our first time, sat by us and ran through the menu and how the restaurant runs. So excellence in service indeed.

I'm not sure what to say much in terms of food, I'll find the menu...someday and show you, but it was indeed exquisite. We munched away till our hearts content and pretty much all struggled to finish what we had on our tiers. We had a three-level tier starting with pretty much entrée, main lunch and delicious desserts complimented with our choice of tea and water :)

After lunch was served we decided to embark on a journey to corner of Bourke and Swanston street to take Purikura and check out Daiso before heading on home in the terrible rainy cold weather that encompassed us in Melbourne.
It was amazing to see the girls together again and it's always a pleasure to catch up with friends despite the gloomy weather, don't you think?
All images were taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note & Nikon 1 J1.

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