5 August 2012

Friends, food and gorgeous city

What up!

How's everyone's weekend been? Mine was actually quite hectic and today happened to be the only day I was free to breathe and relax except I feel quite drained and tired from all my activities from the weekend!
Boyfriend is back <3

On Friday, my boyfriend returned from his family trip to Vietnam/Hong Kong! ...He didn't buy me anything...but he'll later make up for that nyahaha ;) He came home, napped and we went out to eat with the crew that night. Sop had made a booking at Gami Chicken on Little Lonsdale Street in the city. It's a Korean chicken restaurant and dude, it was godly amazing! Good food and awesome company always makes up for an amazing night!

The Crew!

Gami Chicken was always busy I guess, given that it was a Friday night I say better make a booking and we caught the 8:30pm session and went straight to ordering 3 trays of chicken, 2 plates of 군만두
(Gun Man Du aka Fried Dumplings), 떡볶이 (Tteok Buk Gi), and a 4L beer keg LOL


There was seven of us and I decided that I would drink beer with the boys. By the end of our meals we were all struggling to just finish the beer but we managed it!! ...then the rest of the night consisted of walking around the city to see Federation Square and...go on the hunt for toilets haha but all in all, it was a great night!

Anywho, enjoy the images of my gorgeous city, Melbourne!

My Princess

Sop & Me

Le Chicken!

Hite Beer cups

Flinders Street Station at night

From Federation Square

Federation Square building

Henz & me

Fed Square building
If you're in Melbourne and want to hit up Gami Chicken holla! There's two restaurants around Melbourne!

Gami Chicken at Little Lonsdale
100 Lt. Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Tel. 03 9671 3232


Gami Chicken at Healeys
535 Lt. Lonsdale Street on Healeys Lane, Melbourne
Tel. 03 9670 3232

All images were captured by the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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