12 August 2012

Boyfriend's graduation

Hey, what's been happening?

Well, firstly it's been an extremely busy and productive weekend for me and I can finally lay back and rest in my bed and read........yes, what an utter shock. I've been reading the Fifty Shades trilogy thanks to the ever gorgeous SparklingKer <3 I owe you lunch some time sweetie! Please don't refuse me otherwise I will go all Sadistic Christian Grey on you haha

He isn't usually this proper looking.

I've been reading diligently for the past week that I've been so MIA and ignoring the world. But once Thursday hit I was busy going to and fro the CBD. Thursday marked Bach's graduation! Yes, he's finally graduated from uni with a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne and he's already huddled up against his computer and PS3 playing games nonstop. What a life. To witness this joyous moment, his parents and brothers all came together to celebrate, take photos and have dinner.

The family!
I've also heard some great news, his eldest brother will be marrying his girlfriend sometime next year and they've extended out the invitation for me to go to Vietnam with them next year for the wedding! His father is also offering to pay for my flight ticket just so the family can be together, what a sweet man!

See? He graduated into a Nun.

Received his degree!

Bach and his brothers!

Pretty hilarious, we were taking professional family photos and Bach tells the photographer that the brother on the left wasn't really his brother but some guy we found outside the room. LOL the photographer was puzzled and wasn't sure if we were being for real or not haha but all in good humour.

But I'm very proud of his achievement and efforts to complete uni. Although he will probably not follow in it career path I hope he manages to find something that he will love and pursue! Even my workmates have been asking if he was going to propose to me next year...you have no idea how hard I laughed at the idea. Not that I don't want to marry him, just not yet :)

Anyways, congratulations to my dear boyfriend!

All images were taken with the Nikon 1 J1.

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