4 July 2012

Recent happy purchases ^^

Ayo wasserrrrrp?

Just a quick update in my life...well not that it'd concern you much but if you've been following my twitter you would know how spastic and ecstatic I am!

Recently I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note (aka GT-N7000). This will be replacing my beautiful baby iPhone 4. I've been a diligent iPhone user for about 2 years now, but recently I've just gotten bored of it so we'll see how Android is! I've had my eyes set on it since visiting Korea this February so yayyy! I couldn't wait till November to get this phone on contract so my daddy spoilt me and helped me purchase this baby outright from www.dwidigitalcameras.com/ thanks papa!

My new baby + Kris 

Well, guess what? It's been only two days and I've adjusted and LOVE it!! Although Apple's iOS firmware is very simple, straight forward and very basic to use. Android is similar but different. I'm not sure how else to explain it but there is less restrictions I guess and well the memory is expandable as well!

Galaxy Note vs. iPhone 4
Okay seriously, no jokes. This phone is massive LOL. It just fits in my open hand and it is virtually a mini tablet phone, but all the more why I love it! Also the thing that sold me was the camera quality and insane screen resolution. The only two perks I have against the Galaxy Note in comparison to the iPhone is: 1. The keyboard kinda just sucks and their auto corrects are just outright annoying. And 2. The camera's shutter is sooooo slow!! Good 8MP camera and 2MP inside camera, just slow shutter D:

My Wine Red case <3
The one last thing I totally adore is the fact that you can change the entire phones font face! I know it is possible with the iPhone...if you go through a lot of crap to have it done but I love the fact that I can use a cutesy font AND purchase more for it!

Home Screen & Apps


The next purchase wasn't exactly a "thing object" but it was indeed a happy purchase! As you know, I'm going to South Korea and Japan once again this upcoming October (props to the countdown on the left there). And I'm only I'm Seoul for 9 days, but the good news is that I managed to purchase and book my flights to the gorgeous Jeju Island! *runs around in circles*

Harubang statues in Jeju Island
If you are unfamiliar with Jeju Island, it's like a tropical island that is just off the coast from South Korea. It's named Korea's Hawaii and apparently is the most popular place for newly wedded couples in Korea as a honeymoon destination! ...and NO it will not be a honeymoon with Bach. I refuse LOL

But anyways, I was sourcing Expedia.com for flights and at the time they were about $269 return per person. I thought that was an okay deal until I checked out Asiana Airlines and Korean Air's actual website. Flying one way cost only 73,400KRW ($62AUD)! Omg that was a HUGE difference! I thought that was totally awesome, discussed it with the boyfriend he agreed to go so I had to somehow book the flights.

Word of warning. Korean websites are only optimized for Internet Explorer. Seriously, I got so frustrated because I run on Macs, and although I had Bach's Windows laptop it was such a freaking hassle! So I ended up using my brother's PC, turned off all the popups and lowered the browsers security. It took me literally 2-3 hours including the previous night. I had to go through thousands of popups and going through the same process heaps of times before I could just book the freaking flights.

But in the end I managed to book the flights with Korean Air for $308 all together, return for TWO people! Basically I saved myself $230! I was so happy and relieved to get that over and done with!! But sadly, in order for me to go to Jeju island I had to sacrifice going to Tokyo when I head up to Japan :(

Oh and I booked my hotel for Jeju through Expedia as well and happy to say that I scored two nights at Ocean Grand Hotel for $108!! I almost feel like I'm the master of bargain hunting!

Nyahhh I guess that's it before I ramble about more nonsense!

Bye bye ^^

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