31 July 2012

I'm gonna meet Jay Park!

So, guess who's going to see Jay Park Live in Melbourne?! Oh and not to mention that I will be meeting and greeting him!! *possibly feeling him up if he lets me* nyahaha Like seriously, I am stoked and I can't thank AusKpop enough for bringing this amazing opportunity to Melbourne!!

New Breed CDs + VVIP tix to Jay Park!

I got my tickets through a pre-order last Monday and everything was confirmed for the tickets by that following Wednesday...although I didn't want to blog about it so soon was because I could only snatch up 2 VVIP tickets and I needed three :(

There was an epic story battle behind this. They also had a ticket pre-sale in the CBD last Sunday and I dragged my dear friend Dorothy along with me. Sad to say, the line was hella long at least 4-6 stores down from the actual destination and I arrived there like an hour before tickets were to go on sale...so you could tell how devastated I was LOL and all I needed was ONE more VVIP or VIP ticket for Kimu!

But I didn't go there for nought, I had to option of picking up my VVIP tickets too and have a catch up date with my baby Dorothy =D So, I had waited in line for 2 hours and finally REACHED the front of the line, happy to know that VIP was still selling. I was gonna be happy to settle for that since Bach wasn't keen on meeting Jay Park (he isn't exactly a fan). I took one step towards the register and what do you know?


My first initial thought was:

Seriously. I wanted to kick something or someone!! But I tried to remain positive because we still had a chance the following day and guess what? I was on the phone with Kimu during the whole process and all you could literally hear from my room was us yelling at each other....screaming "HURRYYYYYY"

Yeah. We cray like that LOL but I'm so happy that Bach, Kimu and I will have an opportunity to meet and greet Jay Park together! It'll be an amazing memory!!

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