14 July 2012

Day Three: 3일

Couple jackets and shoes

So...it's only been three days since the boyfriend got deported back to Vietnam. Nah just kidding, but he did leave to go on a family holiday and I'm at home alone playing Diablo 3 lolol

At the airport

I'm super bored but I haven't exactly been in the mood to leave the house since I'm becoming sick and have my monthly dose of my girly pains. Aside from that I'm somewhat alive but I actually miss him terribly. He contacts me here and there but since he doesn't have any access to wifi its only limited to once a day :(

My parents at a family dinner before he left

I actually didn't expect to miss him that much but living with my boyfriend and having him leave like that does make this house feel a little empty. It was worse because the last few days before he left he was sooooo good to me!! LOL...not that he's a crappy boyfriend but like normally we sit in the same room but we neglect each other while he plays games and I'm just writing away. But he made the effort to take me out to eat whenever I was hungry, come and cuddle me on the bed. Ah, you know. Just the little things that make the relationship a whole lot sweeter :)

This is an example LOL

Aigoo but anyway~ to try and ease the loneliness I've been having the need to shop. But that's a no-no considering I need to save DX major dilemmaaaaa. Although I did purchase two pairs of circle lenses last night :x but I shall promise a lens review soon! I have 2-3 lined up in my drafts =P

ㅋㅋ 그럼...잘자!

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