12 June 2012

Party and party and...I really need to sleep.

What up yo?

I feel like I've been so MIA....but in actual fact I've just been busy socialising. LOL yes, I have friends on the outside world >_> I'm even surprised myself.

Fav girls, Tina & Sophy!

Anywho, nothing much has been going up in my end. My hours still need to be cut down and I seem to have been going out more on the weekends D: It's good but I prefer just to rest! This weekend I had two birthdays to attend. Thankfully not as a photographer! That would have been awesome but...at the same time just so exhausting!! Unfortunately I didn't bother carrying around my camera so I relied on le iPhone!

L/R: Julie, Sheryl, Nhuloan (Birthday girl), Sophy & Moi!

One was my dear friend Nhuloan's 22nd birthday which was held at Marrakech on Friday night. It was an all right club, I got plenty of free drinks...from both the bar and just people shoving them all in my face haha but it was overall a great night! Catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while makes me feel better :) Not to mention I got to hit the dance floor, which I do miss!

Tinaaa-poo <3
As the frames progress I look more wasted LOL

The second birthday I attended was a dinner in the city at Hallah Korean Restaurant. It was to celebrate Nang's belated 23rd birthday. She's one of the girls that went to the same high school. That was an okay night but what I hate most is walking around the city at night where there's bound to be a lot of crazy drunkos and just random guys who try to just talk to you =__=" After dinner we hit FM Karaoke, belting out some tunes...I only sing Korean songs LOLL and then we headed to Dessert Story!

In Dessert Story w/ Dorothy

But all in all the weekend was great! We even hosted a mini BBQ lamb leg haha it's sort of our tradition sort of thing. Then I managed to have a little catch up brunch with Sophary at Hudadak in Clayton. Their Ddokbukki IS SO YUM!!

Credits to Sophy, I love food like a fat kid loves cake!

Anywho, that's all I can be bothered updating~ till next time!

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