3 June 2012

Nhi's 21st

Ayo wasserrrrp?

As I previously mentioned, I was privileged and asked to attend a 21st birthday as a photographer. We weren't paid but went for the experience and I cannot take the credit for the amazing pictures that were taken that night, my awesome boyfriend did all of the photography for the night and I did my part as the editor!

Nhi was one of the girls I attended school with but we were from different year levels and during our time in high school, I was a soccer coach for their girl's team so I was quite familiar with the group of girls. Anyways enough talk. Nhi just turned 21 and I was glad to be able to capture her little milestone. Nhi, you look absolutely stunning and I hope the photography is to your liking! Here are my favourite images of the night~

Me and the boy!

Amy & Bach! Le cousins

It was a lot of images to go through but from taking 475 images, I had to check and edit them and cut it down to roughly 298 decent images. The hard part was choosing just a few that were blog worthy! Any who, you can admire them all you like :)

All images were taken with my Nikon D7000, SB-900 Speedlight flash and 35mm f\1.8 lens.

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