16 June 2012

KPOP: Electric Shock + Paparazzi

Wahhhhh, so excuse me for blogging again but I just cannot contain the inner kpop fan girl right NAOOO! I just wanted to share with you guys two new songs that have just been released and I am loving them!

First is f(x)'s (에프엑스) awaited comeback, their current title track is called "Electric Shock" Check it belowww!

What can I say about this? I've been a fan of f(x) since their debut and well, this comeback not disappointing at all! I adore their style of music, which is pretty much electro pop. The thing I like about their comeback is the fact that they haven't really auto-tuned themselves and are using their actual vocals.



This song is just some upbeat and fun. ALL the girls get enough time to shine and shed their vocals in the light and the dance is just really cute and looks addictive. Their fashion concept and MV concept blend in well. What I'm liking is the very bold blue circle lenses that they keep accentuating! I always expect f(x) to be very energetic and vibrant! Anyway, have a listen and tell me what you think? I loved it on first listen :) The chorus is super addictive!

na na na na na~ electric shock!

Next is Girls' Generation (소녀시대 少女時代). I wasn't a particular fan of their "Time Machine" but they definitely are hitting it off for me with "Paparazzi". Just to let you know, this song is in actual fact for their Japanese promotion! Check it below !

It's a lot more funky and upbeat. Watching the MV, all I can really say is HOT DAMN! I really love their burlesque-themed outfits with the typical Girls' Generation twist and leg-focussed dance. It's a hot combination *fans self* if you don't like the song...just perve LOL

I'm not sure what else to add about this song, I really like the funkiness of it. When Girls' Generation generally make a comeback or release any songs after a period break, they don't usually disappoint at all! I love their combination of vocal range and I think they've attempted to get everyone to have a part in this song...but still, I want to hear more of everyone to have more of a solo part!

Anyway...enough fan girl moment. Byeeeeeee!

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