2 June 2012

I just died.

Well, metaphorically.

And that's why.

But anyways, ayo wasserrrrrp!? How are you all?

I've been a bit busy...and not busy. My work hours have been cut down BUT a lot of positivity has actually come my way and I'm happy about that ^^ Just yesterday I had a photography job! Well...actually Bach did all the photography because he did say to only take one camera LOL .. and so my job in the end was to do the editing. We did it voluntarily for a friend and she looked absolutely gorgeous! I'll make a small post later about the pictures of the night <3

Anyways, I'm kind of drinking some alcohol right now...and kind of not thinking straight. I just wanted to share and spazz that Kris picture haha I'll probably be back next week...or if I happen to have another half day from work I will definitely take images for another lens review! :)

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend while I go and dig my own grave and stare at that perfect picture of my bias.

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