13 June 2012

I have no fashion sense.

LOL my room is a mess, pardon me for that.

Yes, it is the truth. I have no fashion sense whatsoever! However I guess I am going to try to dress a lot nicer. I am terrible at mixing and matching top and bottoms, colours, styles...shoes. Hell, I wear what makes me comfortable.

I am a big girl, one that is fitting of size 12 clothing. I am not proud of it but I'm not exactly disappointed either. I'm just happy being me :) yes I've tried losing weight, change of diet etc I'm vaguely motivated to do so. I did lose about 6kg for my brothers wedding and like...it really made no difference for my size :/ so whatever comes, come at me!!

When I said I'm not "exactly" disappointed means when I travel to Asian countries like Japan and Korea, finding clothes and sizes fitting me will be just...like winning the lottery. It is that hard so I tend not to buy much clothes at all. It makes room to buy other random crap to clutter into my room LOL exhibit A: 8 jigsaw puzzles and...

exhibit B: Mac, MacBook Pro, iPad 2, iPod 4G, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4

But anyways, my body proportions aren't very impressive. I am short, standing at least 5'2 and I'm just a blob, me thinks. My problem area is mainly my thighs and arms. So whatever I wear, or even try to get into the trend...it looks horribly wrong on me or I look like I'm trying too hard! Or do others have this problem also?

The ONLY time I can actually dress up decently is for a birthday party/event. Why? Because I can wear a one piece or in other words, a dress. That takes up less work!

For Julie's 21st!


See? Dresses are a lot simpler!

Tomboy X Girl ? I don't even remember.   
LOL horrifically tragic indeed
I used to be a tomboy, bad.
A recent OOTD

Blouses I recently bought!

Despite being a girl and appearing very girly here on my blog, I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm very boyish, having grown up with only a brother and knowing mechanics and general technology LOL I barely own any accessories like necklaces, bracelets and rings. But the other typical girl things I do own are makeup, handbags and shoes. Other than that I would rather indulge my money on technology and food.

But that aside, I really am trying to dress a bit nicer and add a little more sense to it. I'm still far away from improvement. So...wish me luck and I will attempt to do some OOTDs in future!

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