14 June 2012

Encouragement is almost like a cure.

I thought I could try and squeeze in a mini blog post since something made my day today! I received an email that was directed from my old fiction blog on Wordpress. I'm quite surprised and shocked that I actually get view hits or any attention there since I rarely ever update it.

But this particular email really made my day! If you know me very well, I have this striking passion for writing K-pop fanfiction. I could spend hours...or probably even all day at a computer just typing away at a story.

Ah but this kind of random encouragement from a reader that bothered to make the effort, I really appreciate it and it does make me want to re-continue this ASAP!

But firstly, I need to go home and take a nap...then find all the pieces to this particular story and write my brains out :P

Thank you Suhaila, I will attempt to finish this story for you :) Just...bear with me!

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