16 June 2012

KPOP: Electric Shock + Paparazzi

Wahhhhh, so excuse me for blogging again but I just cannot contain the inner kpop fan girl right NAOOO! I just wanted to share with you guys two new songs that have just been released and I am loving them!

First is f(x)'s (에프엑스) awaited comeback, their current title track is called "Electric Shock" Check it belowww!

What can I say about this? I've been a fan of f(x) since their debut and well, this comeback not disappointing at all! I adore their style of music, which is pretty much electro pop. The thing I like about their comeback is the fact that they haven't really auto-tuned themselves and are using their actual vocals.



This song is just some upbeat and fun. ALL the girls get enough time to shine and shed their vocals in the light and the dance is just really cute and looks addictive. Their fashion concept and MV concept blend in well. What I'm liking is the very bold blue circle lenses that they keep accentuating! I always expect f(x) to be very energetic and vibrant! Anyway, have a listen and tell me what you think? I loved it on first listen :) The chorus is super addictive!

na na na na na~ electric shock!

Next is Girls' Generation (소녀시대 少女時代). I wasn't a particular fan of their "Time Machine" but they definitely are hitting it off for me with "Paparazzi". Just to let you know, this song is in actual fact for their Japanese promotion! Check it below !

It's a lot more funky and upbeat. Watching the MV, all I can really say is HOT DAMN! I really love their burlesque-themed outfits with the typical Girls' Generation twist and leg-focussed dance. It's a hot combination *fans self* if you don't like the song...just perve LOL

I'm not sure what else to add about this song, I really like the funkiness of it. When Girls' Generation generally make a comeback or release any songs after a period break, they don't usually disappoint at all! I love their combination of vocal range and I think they've attempted to get everyone to have a part in this song...but still, I want to hear more of everyone to have more of a solo part!

Anyway...enough fan girl moment. Byeeeeeee!

15 June 2012

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi Series)

Hey all,

And I'm back with another lens review...although I'm certain that everyone will know of these lenses and have heard the rave about them. If you haven't boy you are missing out! This Bambi series is said to be designed by the insanely kawaii gyaru model, Tsubasa Masuwaka!

Absolutely gorgeous aren't they? I purchased these lenses from: www.honeycolor.com/ But I am certain that they are widely available through any GEO lens distributor!

NAO onto the review!

Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Comfort: 5/5 ★★★★★
In all honesty, GEO lenses have always been comfortable for me. From memory I actually had no problem with these lenses and wearing them for long person

Colour: 3/5 ★★★☆☆
Even though these lenses state that they are brown, I can't help but notice that they do give off a reddish-brown kind of effect. It may just be me but I think it's a little strange. Don't get me wrong, they are absolutely gorgeous and are tri-tone...but the reddish colour (as you can see above), it really worried me that it would look unnatural! (Seek last two images)

Enlargement: 5/5 ★★★★★
These lenses have a very nice enlarging effect, you won't be disappointed there. Despite being a tri-tone type of lens, they have a black ring on the outside that is about 1.5mm thick and adds to the colour effect. And really, you can't go wrong...they are 15.0mm in diameter!

Overall: 5/5 ★★★★★
You know what? I don't care, I really loved these lenses to the core. I would say the browns go well with brown eyes and you really can NOT afford to go wrong. If you happened to choose any of the other colours in the range (like...I've bought them all LOL) YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE. These lens series are by far my most favourite!

Well, I hope this review was somewhat helpful. I know it's not exactly detailed but it indeed is my own opinion and experience. Results may actually vary on different people. Try and enjoy uh...staring at me, but do focus on the lenses =P

withou flash, indoors

w/ flash indoors

view of lenes

DSLR taken image

DSLR taken image
These images were taken with both Nikon S9100 & Nikon D5000. Old images, as you can tell by difference in hair colour LOL

14 June 2012

Encouragement is almost like a cure.

I thought I could try and squeeze in a mini blog post since something made my day today! I received an email that was directed from my old fiction blog on Wordpress. I'm quite surprised and shocked that I actually get view hits or any attention there since I rarely ever update it.

But this particular email really made my day! If you know me very well, I have this striking passion for writing K-pop fanfiction. I could spend hours...or probably even all day at a computer just typing away at a story.

Ah but this kind of random encouragement from a reader that bothered to make the effort, I really appreciate it and it does make me want to re-continue this ASAP!

But firstly, I need to go home and take a nap...then find all the pieces to this particular story and write my brains out :P

Thank you Suhaila, I will attempt to finish this story for you :) Just...bear with me!

13 June 2012

I have no fashion sense.

LOL my room is a mess, pardon me for that.

Yes, it is the truth. I have no fashion sense whatsoever! However I guess I am going to try to dress a lot nicer. I am terrible at mixing and matching top and bottoms, colours, styles...shoes. Hell, I wear what makes me comfortable.

I am a big girl, one that is fitting of size 12 clothing. I am not proud of it but I'm not exactly disappointed either. I'm just happy being me :) yes I've tried losing weight, change of diet etc I'm vaguely motivated to do so. I did lose about 6kg for my brothers wedding and like...it really made no difference for my size :/ so whatever comes, come at me!!

12 June 2012

Party and party and...I really need to sleep.

What up yo?

I feel like I've been so MIA....but in actual fact I've just been busy socialising. LOL yes, I have friends on the outside world >_> I'm even surprised myself.

Fav girls, Tina & Sophy!

Anywho, nothing much has been going up in my end. My hours still need to be cut down and I seem to have been going out more on the weekends D: It's good but I prefer just to rest! This weekend I had two birthdays to attend. Thankfully not as a photographer! That would have been awesome but...at the same time just so exhausting!! Unfortunately I didn't bother carrying around my camera so I relied on le iPhone!

L/R: Julie, Sheryl, Nhuloan (Birthday girl), Sophy & Moi!

One was my dear friend Nhuloan's 22nd birthday which was held at Marrakech on Friday night. It was an all right club, I got plenty of free drinks...from both the bar and just people shoving them all in my face haha but it was overall a great night! Catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while makes me feel better :) Not to mention I got to hit the dance floor, which I do miss!

Tinaaa-poo <3
As the frames progress I look more wasted LOL

The second birthday I attended was a dinner in the city at Hallah Korean Restaurant. It was to celebrate Nang's belated 23rd birthday. She's one of the girls that went to the same high school. That was an okay night but what I hate most is walking around the city at night where there's bound to be a lot of crazy drunkos and just random guys who try to just talk to you =__=" After dinner we hit FM Karaoke, belting out some tunes...I only sing Korean songs LOLL and then we headed to Dessert Story!

In Dessert Story w/ Dorothy

But all in all the weekend was great! We even hosted a mini BBQ lamb leg haha it's sort of our tradition sort of thing. Then I managed to have a little catch up brunch with Sophary at Hudadak in Clayton. Their Ddokbukki IS SO YUM!!

Credits to Sophy, I love food like a fat kid loves cake!

Anywho, that's all I can be bothered updating~ till next time!

3 June 2012

Nhi's 21st

Ayo wasserrrrp?

As I previously mentioned, I was privileged and asked to attend a 21st birthday as a photographer. We weren't paid but went for the experience and I cannot take the credit for the amazing pictures that were taken that night, my awesome boyfriend did all of the photography for the night and I did my part as the editor!

Nhi was one of the girls I attended school with but we were from different year levels and during our time in high school, I was a soccer coach for their girl's team so I was quite familiar with the group of girls. Anyways enough talk. Nhi just turned 21 and I was glad to be able to capture her little milestone. Nhi, you look absolutely stunning and I hope the photography is to your liking! Here are my favourite images of the night~

Me and the boy!

Amy & Bach! Le cousins

It was a lot of images to go through but from taking 475 images, I had to check and edit them and cut it down to roughly 298 decent images. The hard part was choosing just a few that were blog worthy! Any who, you can admire them all you like :)

All images were taken with my Nikon D7000, SB-900 Speedlight flash and 35mm f\1.8 lens.

2 June 2012

I just died.

Well, metaphorically.

And that's why.

But anyways, ayo wasserrrrrp!? How are you all?

I've been a bit busy...and not busy. My work hours have been cut down BUT a lot of positivity has actually come my way and I'm happy about that ^^ Just yesterday I had a photography job! Well...actually Bach did all the photography because he did say to only take one camera LOL .. and so my job in the end was to do the editing. We did it voluntarily for a friend and she looked absolutely gorgeous! I'll make a small post later about the pictures of the night <3

Anyways, I'm kind of drinking some alcohol right now...and kind of not thinking straight. I just wanted to share and spazz that Kris picture haha I'll probably be back next week...or if I happen to have another half day from work I will definitely take images for another lens review! :)

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend while I go and dig my own grave and stare at that perfect picture of my bias.