12 May 2012

Up, up here we go!


I've been trying to so hard fight the desire but I guess I can no longer contain myself from the excitement. I've been keeping quiet for personal reasons but my close friends all know about this. Bach and I have been in utter discussion about travelling again, his parents offered for us to go Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam as a family. As I mentioned in my previous post, my boss approved of me travelling overseas again later this year. I've been delaying asking him because, if you saw my boss you would understand LOL he looks hella scary but he is the most squishiest bear ever XD

Unfortunately, I will not be flying out with my boyfriend and his parents in July.

On the way to Japan 2011

But...I will definitely be flying out in mid-October till early November with the boyfriend to Korea and Japan =P Yesssss, I know I'm a lucky brat!! Going to Korea twice in one year and Japan along the way to see and reunite with my friends! I have booked all my flights and accommodation for all the destinations. I'm really thankful that Yuka and her family have allowed me to stay with them for our 12 day trip :) Apparently Ma-chan is really happy that we're returning so soon ^^

Thank freaking god I waited because all up our flights cost about $1,100 each. If Jetstar wasn't one sale the return flight from Osaka to Melbourne would cost us a whopping $650 each. I love you Jetstar birthday sales, scored my flight home for $365 :)

Han Suites Residence Hotel!

I've book my accommodation with Han Suites yet again because I really loved the location, I totally LOVE MyeongDong, and the hotel staff were just amazing when I stayed there early February and even though I'm staying there for a total of 9 days, she still gave me a discount, so I'm 70,000KRW ($60AUD) per night for a Studio Deluxe I room instead of 80,000KRW ($70AUD)! But...given the fact that me and Bach will be staying together it goes down to $30 each yayayay!

My hood, MyeongDong!

The room includes your own private bathroom, a mini kitchen, a double bed, television and a small dining area. All this for $60 per night? Hell yes! I've checked at the closer hotels by the area like the Sky Park III, Prince Hotel and Sejong...just a double bed room alone is $120+ per night. So that's pretty much saving half the amount which leaves more saving for shopping and travelling ^^

Me, Yuka, Aya and Dorothy <3

More than anything, I am happy to finally be returning to my second home, Japan! Our travel plans there aren't organised yet but I really want to see my friends again! It's been over a year now but we did promise our friends that we would return in two years! But surprise =P we're coming back earlier than expected ^^ The person I'm looking forward to seeing most, aside from Yuka, is her mother Ma-chan! <3 She is such a heartwarming and easy going mother and treated us like her own! I feel so much appreciation towards her because she spoilt me with my favourite food, kaarage and coca cola LOL

Me, Ma-chan, Seiko & Bach
There's one more little monster I'm looking forward to see. Their bratty boy cat, Tiara. Yes, a male cat named Tiara LOL but he was the cutest little fat shit ever!!

Tiara-chi <3

Anyways, that's all for now! I have a big day ahead of me since we're having a massive hot pot dinner tonight ^^ and a couple of months that I need to save up greatly for :( Wish me luck in the savings department!!

Bye for now!

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