5 May 2012

Such is life.

Why hello there :)

It's been a while since I last updated but I thought that I may as well update since I'm stuck in the room with Bach and his brother as they play their DOTA 2...all I hear is "to this, go here" sometimes insane raging and intense mouse-clicking. Yes, pretty crazy.

Friday 4th of May was the funeral service for my grandma. I was all smiles for most of the day, seeing the rest of the family being together just for her. I'm certain she would have been proud and she is happily smiling down at us for being together just for her. There are an abundance of words I want to say about her. But the best line I can ever say is that she was the most amazing woman in my life. I am extremely sad that she has left this world, it hurts. But I know that she is no longer in pain and I'm happy that she doesn't have to suffer. She led a very great life till she was 85 years old. If she had made it till last Friday, she would have been 86. The moment the casket was set down to be buried, the overflow of emotions could no longer be contained. It was goodbye, not forever.

This is our family.

I am really thankful that she was in my life and I'm extremely thankful that she had the role of being my grandmother. She played a big part in my life and my family can never be anymore thankful for everything she has done for us. Her death has brought the younger closer together than we have every been and I hope that we are able to continue with this relationship and bond.

On a happier note, my brother and Polly have returned home from their trip to the US. It feels really good to have them back because the house seems a lot more livelier! I only have one older brother and he is just awesome. They spoilt me with gifts that I didn't ask for, but because we only have each other we carry a very close relationship that a lot of people seem to envy :P

I have more good news too! My boss has returned from his holiday and I managed to ask him if I could go on another holiday later on in this year...and he said YES!! For the love of God, he said YES!!! I was so happy I could have run ten laps around the warehouse wailing my arms about like a headless chook LOL 

Well that's it for now! Shall update more when I actually have more to say :)

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