27 May 2012

Love from Japan

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick post on a few gifts I received from my amazing friends in Japan!

Puzzles, phone straps and omamori

Dorothy went to Japan and caught up with our friends and they were sweet enough to send gifts to me. I was only expecting the omamori but it turns out I got a small bag of goodies!!

Yurika remembered that I LOVED jigsaw puzzles and sent me a 1000 piece One Piece anime puzzle. If you saw my room...actually I'll show you lolol it's insane! I have no more room for any more puzzles :( but I want more!!

Yep, this is my room and those are all puzzles!
Most of the puzzles are 1000 piece and the smallest puzzle I have is about 250 piece! They take a lot of work and focus but if I'm addicted enough I spend about a good 6 hours completing a 1000 piece. LOL

Ahh, all in all I'm just really happy and really appreciate their thoughts on the gifts!! Can't wait to see them again in October!

Yuka, Yurika, Kazuki and especially Dorothy! Thank you all so much!!

Mini chopper puzzle, challenge accepted

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