10 May 2012

Drama Addict: 옥탑방 왕세자 「Rooftop Prince」

I'm back again because I find myself totally in love with this k-drama. If you're not watching, get on it!! It's still currently airing but I'm certain it will be over in a 3-4 weeks? But seriously, you will not regret watching this!!

Korean Title: 옥탑방 왕세자 [Ok-tap-bang wang-se-ja]
English Title: Rooftop Prince
Estimated Episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance
Main cast:
Park Yoochun (Micky) as Lee Gak (The Prince) / Yong Tae Yong
Han Ji Min as Pak Ha / Bu Yong
Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Moo
Jung Yoo Mi as Hong Se Na / Hwa Yong
Lee Min Ho as Song Man Bo
Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi Man
Jung Suk Wol as Woo Yong Sul

I'll try and brief you about the plot without spazzing too much or revealing the entire story...coz when I get excited I overwrite LOL

In the historical period Prince Lee Gak discovers his crowned princess is suddenly murdered, wanting to seek the truth he scours the land for the best men to help him uncover the mystery of his beloved's death. As they come close to discovering the truth they are hunted and chased, then somehow sent to 300 years into the future during an eclipse of the moon. In the present he discovers a woman who looks exactly like his beloved princess and ventures out to find out the truth.

The drama is really cute and full of your typical "old-fashion" humour and boy/girl bickering! But there is also a dark side where the sub-characters are full of jealousy and hatred, web of lies and love-triangle but its all so juicy!!

Well I don't have much else so say :) Just watch and I guarantee you will enjoy!

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