20 May 2012

A bunch of old circle lens images

Hola amigos!

It took me a while to realise that when people hop on my site, they're here usually looking at my circle lens reviews. LOL I've been meaning to do more reviews but I seriously get too lazy with the makeup and generally putting them on! But I will promise to do more in future :)

I decided to make a little compilation of my past circle lens collection over the past five years or so. I could do an individual review of them for you but the descriptions and images will be very vague and all from memory.

So anyway, here's a bunch of images and the contact names.

NOTE: Circle lens colours may vary because back then I did not own a DSLR and most of these images were taken with my Olympus digicam. Most of the images were also taken in front of a window or direct flash for optimal lighting =)

Bescon Tutti Browns

Barbie King Size Browns

G&G BT01

GEO Angel Gray

GEO Ash Wings

GEO Black Ring

Seeshell Cosmo Aqua

PS. That's xxshinrai aka Kimu and she's wearing the Barbie King Size Gray

Lol...yes, these images were from yolks ago and even at times when I didn't know how to apply makeup very well >__> but nonetheless I hope they help or something..


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