27 May 2012

Love from Japan

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick post on a few gifts I received from my amazing friends in Japan!

Puzzles, phone straps and omamori

Dorothy went to Japan and caught up with our friends and they were sweet enough to send gifts to me. I was only expecting the omamori but it turns out I got a small bag of goodies!!

Yurika remembered that I LOVED jigsaw puzzles and sent me a 1000 piece One Piece anime puzzle. If you saw my room...actually I'll show you lolol it's insane! I have no more room for any more puzzles :( but I want more!!

Yep, this is my room and those are all puzzles!
Most of the puzzles are 1000 piece and the smallest puzzle I have is about 250 piece! They take a lot of work and focus but if I'm addicted enough I spend about a good 6 hours completing a 1000 piece. LOL

Ahh, all in all I'm just really happy and really appreciate their thoughts on the gifts!! Can't wait to see them again in October!

Yuka, Yurika, Kazuki and especially Dorothy! Thank you all so much!!

Mini chopper puzzle, challenge accepted

26 May 2012

My Seoulful Journey Part II

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in part two of my travels! But if you check out www.xxshinrai.blogspot.com you will definitely see our day by day trips of Seoul!

I seem to be in a writing mood today to talk more about my trip in Seoul. My apologies for not writing about it sooner so my memory may be a bit distorted LOL I fail at life. Been too obsessed over EXO to even write this =__=" and not to mention my Grandma's passing.

Me and Yunji <3

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I actually had a Korean penpal during my high school years. My pen pal's name is Yunji. Although through high school our connection and contact was a bit distorted, we both would frequently change emails and any form of contact was a little hard since she rarely made an appearance on MSN and due to time differences, we were always on at the wrong times. But thankfully I made a Cyworld account and we managed to keep in contact there. Then came the phenomenon of Facebook, after studying overseas she had an account! So since then we're able to be in contact, not to mention Kakaotalk too!

Yunji Unni is so adorable!
Korean Coal BBQ!

Since knowing Yunji during the early years of high school, I was happy to finally meet her in person! She was the most adorable person ever! Very friendly, always smiling and she spoke English very clearly and tried to make suggestions on where to take us...but we had already travelled to most of the tourist locations upon meeting her LOL so she took us to Korean BBQ and Star Avenue in the Lotte Department Store. It was interesting because Star Avenue was just a little celebrity walkway that consisted of posters of: Kim Hyun Joong, JYJ, Big Bang, 2PM, Song Seung Hoon, Bi Rain and more. Click here for more info!

Me and Nichkhun's hand!

Samantha Thavasa in Lotte Department store

It was freezing to the point where we could not feel our fingers T__T We were really worried we may have gotten frostbitten LOL so we finally retreated inside. The cool thing they had were hand prints of the male idols. Seek the images below!

Make a star wish!

We walked around Lotte Department store before heading back out to Myeongdong. It was funny because Yunji is a native Korea and I happened to be the one that showed her around Myeongdong, I actually knew where to find places haha it was my hood <3 We took some purikura! Haven't done that in a long time! Unfortunately we had to cut that little date short since she had to return home to babysit her baby cousin but we did arrange to meet the following week in Hongdae for some Noraebang ^^

Anne Unni <3
Streets of Hongdae
Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae

YunJi met up with Anne, Kimu and I in Hongdae in the afternoon since she had to drop off an assignment and see her uni teachers. While we were starving and waiting we decided to grab a bite at a nearby Japanese restaurant, I don't remember what it was called but it was amazing especially costing about $12 for a meal with a drink. When I return I shall find out for you ^^

Adorably massive doggy in Hongdae!!

YunJi took us to a famous noraebang called Prince Su. It was amazingly beautiful inside and we paid only $10 for an hour for a while room. Seriously, WTF. $10 for four people in a gorgeous princess-like room. Of course we later found out that it was $20 after 6pm, so we were super lucky!!


Inside Lotte World

That following week we just went shopping out and about. I'm sorry, it's been like 2 months since the trip so my memory is vague and running off of my iPad spending log LOL. But we went to Lotte World! I honestly didn't know what to expect but what happened was we did not realised that there was an inside section and an outside section. We spent 2 hours roaming the inside section thinking "What the hell? Is this it? The great Lotte World" ...and then we went up some escalators and discovered the outside world where all the bigger and more epic rides were >_> we fail. The lines were crazy long and we didn't want to wait another 2 hours just to get on a ride so we just wandered around and took memorial photos just to say we were there. It's unfortunate that we didn't get to go to Everland. I will make sure to go there next time! I heard that it's better but it is quite a travel to get there :( We got lazy on the way LOL

Anyways, I guess we can conclude my Seoulful Journey Part 2 here. There's still plenty more to rave on about and I'll think about making a Part III ...later in life LOL but seriously my memory is leaving me and if you want to see ALL of my photos from Korea I'll just link you HERE on my Facebook. There's just over 700 photos so go nuts ^^

Since I will be going to Seoul and Japan in Oct~Nov and I have a MacBook Air now, I will definitely be able to blog about my day-to-day adventures more accurately and have a better memory :P

20 May 2012

Review: Geo Nudy Brown

Hey guys, wassup?

Close up eye view

It's been a while since I actually a reviewed a pair of lenses. I found some old pictures of me camwhoring with my Geo Nudy Browns and I thought, why not just make use of those images and use it for a review purpose? Please bear in mind that these pictures were taken about two years ago with my SB-900 Flash and Nikon D5000. I didn't edit these images so I guess it's the real deal and just über good lighting ^^

I purchased these lenses from pinkyparadise.com at the time, you can find them here

Diameter: 14.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Now on to the review!

Comfort: 5/5 ★★★★★
From memory, these lenses were amazingly comfortable!! As you would expect GEO lenses to be. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed, you would probably forget that you are wearing them.

Colour: 3/5 ★★★☆☆
Since these lenses are full colour and leave only the gap for your vision, it looks unattractive and a little too bold. But once they are placed on your eyes they actually do wonders. I had the browns on my brown eyes and they seemed to have blended in well but sometimes I noticed that they looked rather greyish than brown. Problem is that they bend in quite well and you can't notice them very well from a distance. You would have to take close up images with direct flash to make them very noticeable. I have yet to try the other nudy colours!

Enlargement: 2/5 ★★☆☆☆
These lens are 14.0mm in size but they do not have any significant enlarging effect. They also do not have the black ring for enlarging effect. I think these fit under the natural kind of lens category where they look like the size of your regular pupil. Although, now there is a 15.0mm nudy lens available for those who would prefer a larger effect!

Overall: 4/5 ★★
Before buying these lenses, I saw them everywhere but when I saw the pattern of the Nudy lenses I wasn't sure if I would like them and whatnot. To be honest, I thought that they'd look really bold so I was more so worried about them making me look super freakish. Boy, was I wrong? These lenses are absolutely stunning and virtually bring out sparkles in your eyes that YOU didn't know you even had! I really did like these lenses but I wish they were just a tad more noticeable instead of people gawking at you from 5cm away to look at them.

Anyways, enjoy the images below~

A bit more direct with lighting

Full face view

More of a distant shot

Enjoy! Hope this review helped!

A bunch of old circle lens images

Hola amigos!

It took me a while to realise that when people hop on my site, they're here usually looking at my circle lens reviews. LOL I've been meaning to do more reviews but I seriously get too lazy with the makeup and generally putting them on! But I will promise to do more in future :)

I decided to make a little compilation of my past circle lens collection over the past five years or so. I could do an individual review of them for you but the descriptions and images will be very vague and all from memory.

So anyway, here's a bunch of images and the contact names.

NOTE: Circle lens colours may vary because back then I did not own a DSLR and most of these images were taken with my Olympus digicam. Most of the images were also taken in front of a window or direct flash for optimal lighting =)

Bescon Tutti Browns

Barbie King Size Browns

G&G BT01

GEO Angel Gray

GEO Ash Wings

GEO Black Ring

Seeshell Cosmo Aqua

PS. That's xxshinrai aka Kimu and she's wearing the Barbie King Size Gray

Lol...yes, these images were from yolks ago and even at times when I didn't know how to apply makeup very well >__> but nonetheless I hope they help or something..


12 May 2012

Up, up here we go!


I've been trying to so hard fight the desire but I guess I can no longer contain myself from the excitement. I've been keeping quiet for personal reasons but my close friends all know about this. Bach and I have been in utter discussion about travelling again, his parents offered for us to go Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam as a family. As I mentioned in my previous post, my boss approved of me travelling overseas again later this year. I've been delaying asking him because, if you saw my boss you would understand LOL he looks hella scary but he is the most squishiest bear ever XD

Unfortunately, I will not be flying out with my boyfriend and his parents in July.

On the way to Japan 2011

But...I will definitely be flying out in mid-October till early November with the boyfriend to Korea and Japan =P Yesssss, I know I'm a lucky brat!! Going to Korea twice in one year and Japan along the way to see and reunite with my friends! I have booked all my flights and accommodation for all the destinations. I'm really thankful that Yuka and her family have allowed me to stay with them for our 12 day trip :) Apparently Ma-chan is really happy that we're returning so soon ^^

Thank freaking god I waited because all up our flights cost about $1,100 each. If Jetstar wasn't one sale the return flight from Osaka to Melbourne would cost us a whopping $650 each. I love you Jetstar birthday sales, scored my flight home for $365 :)

Han Suites Residence Hotel!

I've book my accommodation with Han Suites yet again because I really loved the location, I totally LOVE MyeongDong, and the hotel staff were just amazing when I stayed there early February and even though I'm staying there for a total of 9 days, she still gave me a discount, so I'm 70,000KRW ($60AUD) per night for a Studio Deluxe I room instead of 80,000KRW ($70AUD)! But...given the fact that me and Bach will be staying together it goes down to $30 each yayayay!

My hood, MyeongDong!

The room includes your own private bathroom, a mini kitchen, a double bed, television and a small dining area. All this for $60 per night? Hell yes! I've checked at the closer hotels by the area like the Sky Park III, Prince Hotel and Sejong...just a double bed room alone is $120+ per night. So that's pretty much saving half the amount which leaves more saving for shopping and travelling ^^

Me, Yuka, Aya and Dorothy <3

More than anything, I am happy to finally be returning to my second home, Japan! Our travel plans there aren't organised yet but I really want to see my friends again! It's been over a year now but we did promise our friends that we would return in two years! But surprise =P we're coming back earlier than expected ^^ The person I'm looking forward to seeing most, aside from Yuka, is her mother Ma-chan! <3 She is such a heartwarming and easy going mother and treated us like her own! I feel so much appreciation towards her because she spoilt me with my favourite food, kaarage and coca cola LOL

Me, Ma-chan, Seiko & Bach
There's one more little monster I'm looking forward to see. Their bratty boy cat, Tiara. Yes, a male cat named Tiara LOL but he was the cutest little fat shit ever!!

Tiara-chi <3

Anyways, that's all for now! I have a big day ahead of me since we're having a massive hot pot dinner tonight ^^ and a couple of months that I need to save up greatly for :( Wish me luck in the savings department!!

Bye for now!

10 May 2012

Drama Addict: 옥탑방 왕세자 「Rooftop Prince」

I'm back again because I find myself totally in love with this k-drama. If you're not watching, get on it!! It's still currently airing but I'm certain it will be over in a 3-4 weeks? But seriously, you will not regret watching this!!

Korean Title: 옥탑방 왕세자 [Ok-tap-bang wang-se-ja]
English Title: Rooftop Prince
Estimated Episodes: 20
Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance
Main cast:
Park Yoochun (Micky) as Lee Gak (The Prince) / Yong Tae Yong
Han Ji Min as Pak Ha / Bu Yong
Lee Tae Sung as Yong Tae Moo
Jung Yoo Mi as Hong Se Na / Hwa Yong
Lee Min Ho as Song Man Bo
Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi Man
Jung Suk Wol as Woo Yong Sul

I'll try and brief you about the plot without spazzing too much or revealing the entire story...coz when I get excited I overwrite LOL

In the historical period Prince Lee Gak discovers his crowned princess is suddenly murdered, wanting to seek the truth he scours the land for the best men to help him uncover the mystery of his beloved's death. As they come close to discovering the truth they are hunted and chased, then somehow sent to 300 years into the future during an eclipse of the moon. In the present he discovers a woman who looks exactly like his beloved princess and ventures out to find out the truth.

The drama is really cute and full of your typical "old-fashion" humour and boy/girl bickering! But there is also a dark side where the sub-characters are full of jealousy and hatred, web of lies and love-triangle but its all so juicy!!

Well I don't have much else so say :) Just watch and I guarantee you will enjoy!

5 May 2012

Such is life.

Why hello there :)

It's been a while since I last updated but I thought that I may as well update since I'm stuck in the room with Bach and his brother as they play their DOTA 2...all I hear is "to this, go here" sometimes insane raging and intense mouse-clicking. Yes, pretty crazy.

Friday 4th of May was the funeral service for my grandma. I was all smiles for most of the day, seeing the rest of the family being together just for her. I'm certain she would have been proud and she is happily smiling down at us for being together just for her. There are an abundance of words I want to say about her. But the best line I can ever say is that she was the most amazing woman in my life. I am extremely sad that she has left this world, it hurts. But I know that she is no longer in pain and I'm happy that she doesn't have to suffer. She led a very great life till she was 85 years old. If she had made it till last Friday, she would have been 86. The moment the casket was set down to be buried, the overflow of emotions could no longer be contained. It was goodbye, not forever.

This is our family.

I am really thankful that she was in my life and I'm extremely thankful that she had the role of being my grandmother. She played a big part in my life and my family can never be anymore thankful for everything she has done for us. Her death has brought the younger closer together than we have every been and I hope that we are able to continue with this relationship and bond.

On a happier note, my brother and Polly have returned home from their trip to the US. It feels really good to have them back because the house seems a lot more livelier! I only have one older brother and he is just awesome. They spoilt me with gifts that I didn't ask for, but because we only have each other we carry a very close relationship that a lot of people seem to envy :P

I have more good news too! My boss has returned from his holiday and I managed to ask him if I could go on another holiday later on in this year...and he said YES!! For the love of God, he said YES!!! I was so happy I could have run ten laps around the warehouse wailing my arms about like a headless chook LOL 

Well that's it for now! Shall update more when I actually have more to say :)