17 April 2012

Possibly travel plans!


What up? As the title suggests, the boyfriend and I are currently discussing travel plans. Destinations? South Korea, Japan & Vietnam!

Well I'm very hopeful to have these plans go ahead because Bach's parent's were the ones to suggest going to Korea and Taiwan and then to Vietnam. Bach texted me earlier today asking if I wanted to tag along since I have already been to Korea and still need to visit Vietnam! The plan is to leave in July and I guess Bach and I will be on vacation for about three weeks...I have yet to ask my boss who is currently overseas DX which I'm dreading since I only recently came back from a three week holiday from South Korea.

As we both got home Bach told me to search up flights immediately for all those set destinations. I searched from Melbourne to Korea, Korea to Taiwan, Korea to Japan then Taiwan and Japan to Vietnam...Vietnam to home. @__@ it was hectic just trying to think and get the prices right!! I did a whole multi-destination on Expedia.com and the return total cost $5,500+ that was just WTF. WAYYY out of my budget. I could use all of that money for shopping in either Korea and Japan for MONTH instead of airfares.

So what I did in the end was search individual flights from my preferred selected Airline and pricing, of course with the help of Expedia. This was for Melbourne>Seoul>Japan>Vietnam>Melbourne and the roughly estimated price cost about $1700 for airfares!! From $5,500 > $1,700. I must be some airfare legend or ... just your typical cheap Asian.

But anyways, talking about travels I really want to go!! I'm waiting to see what Bach's parent's say as well as my trying to get approval from my boss. I'm being really hopeful and excited...if not I'll have to go to Seoul in late October! Aigoooooo

Anyways, I was just excited and thought I should just randomly blog about this XD nyahhhh
Will probably update this later once everything is actually properly booked and confirmed!


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