7 April 2012

4th of April

Hey everyone!

As the title suggests, it's going to be about the 4th of April, which is my birthday =) I wasn't going to post anything about it but I thought I had to ^^
Red Velvet Cupcake

Naturally I never really enjoyed celebrating my birthday. The following reasons were because during high school, my birthday was always during the school holidays and well...no one really ever did wish me a happy birthday nor did I ever receive gifts apart from my own family. So I felt like I wasn't important or rather just forgotten. When I finally had a birthday during school, no one knew still. The second reason happened to be more of the recent years. I feel that there's been a rift in my friends, of course I believe that it was my fault and caused entirely by me. So if I were to celebrate or even have a party, I wouldn't know who to invite. It would just be awkward. Things have been getting better between the girls and I am thankful for that, really I am but at the same time I cannot stop my heart from feeling guilty.

Well those are the two sole reasons why I don't like to celebrate my birthday or more so why I am not fussed to celebrate it. I apologize if those reasons sounded selfish, but that's what I just think of the whole thing! But going out to celebrate it with some close friends really did liven me up and made me really appreciate their efforts a lot more.

Courtesy of Ravy

At work, it was just a regular day for me. My co-workers kept singing "happy birthday" to me whenever I would just randomly walk pass, seriously I was so embarrassed but it did make me happy! Then another surprise arrived at work just before lunch. A bouquet of red tulips were sent my way from the lovely Sophy. It was such a surprise because one, Bach hasn't bought me any flowers since our first year anniversary LOL and I don't ever expect flowers because...when I got home I struggled to find a vase LOLOL But thank you so much Sophy<3 I love them!!

I also happened to have receive a very surprising call from Kimu (xxshinrai). Asking me if I was interested to go to the Super Junior's Super Show 4 Concert in Sydney, she offered to pay for half of my ticket to watch. I was really shocked and it was really unexpected!! But I really appreciated the thought hahaha thanks bubbu <3 you're the best! But in the end we decided that we wouldn't go due to not being big fans anymore. But definitely we will go to B2ST, BigBang or anything K-pop group we're into <3

Bouquet of Tulips!

As the night progressed, Ravy and Sophy organised a dinner at Zest89 in the Glen. Bach, Bao (Bach's brother), Ravy (my cousin), Sambat (Ravy's boyfriend) and Sophy were my company! It was such a nice atmosphere with us together since we all get along so well! We met up and dinner there was beautiful! I bought the Lamb Skewer with chips as a side. It was heaven! Sophy's Seafood Spagolio looked amazing! Behold for some food porn below.

Seafood Spagolio
Wagyu beef burger
Lamb skewer
After completing dinner, I did not realise that the girls had organised and bought me cupcakes. I begged for them not to sing to me LOL but they did it anyway and really, for the first time in a long time I felt special and loved whilst surrounded by these people. It was really touching. I was actually more shocked to find out that they bought me 22 cupcakes LOL I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with them, I still have like 12 sitting around my house!

Cards written with love <3
The moment I arrived him, I ripped apart the cards the girls had given me. I sat there reading and virtually teared up because they were just so sweet! Nothing could really top that, I didn't need no gifts. This was enough to satisfy me with love. Thank you so much guys, I really don't know how else to show you my appreciation. You've fed me with love that I've been missing out on for a while. I really couldn't be any happier than to have you in my life.

Text from Bach LOL
Bach's handmade card.
 The above pictures were just for fun. I asked Bach to make me a heartfelt birthday card because he's never done one and that seems to be the end result. Utter failure but it was so cute! Also some uplifting news, I saw my grandma yesterday and she looks quite well. She ripped apart a crab to eat LOL she's still going strong ^^

My grandma <3
That's enough blabbering for today! I shall update soon about my travels again!! Love you <3

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