5 April 2012

22 years of reflection!

Hi guys, wassup?

A baby photo of me [199X]

Well guess what? Yesterday was finally my birthday and I have just turned 22 years old. Although everyone still calls me a baby...I sure as hell don't look like one lol but people always seem to be shocked at my age when I meet them, perhaps its because I act quite mature? But seriously when you get to know me haha that's a whole different level!

Baby photos~

I'm not sure what to write this post about, given that it's my birthday the only thing I could think of is to share at least ten facts about myself as a reflection of my 22 years of walking this earth. So here it goes!

Taken whilst in Korea [2012]

1. I am of Cambodian and Chinese descent, mostly Cambodian but my mother looks very Chinese/Vietnamese. But I do not look like my nationality, it seems that anywhere I travel to, I seemingly blend in LOL very unique.

This was everyone in the crew! [2008]
Just a few <3 [2008]

2. Back in 2007-2009 I used to be apart of a dance crew called Hi-Voltage! Lol yes, a hip-hop dance crew yo! We competed a lot and drew a lot of memories together. It was heaps fun and I still really miss dancing!

My one and only brother, Cham [2012]

3. I have one older brother. He's really awesome despite how lame he can be, he's always been my support and kept me going on the right road and even has protected me for plenty of things. Growing up with only a brother, I was a bit of a tomboy. I grew up learning a bit of mechanics off him (I know how to change a flat tyre or check my water and oils LOL) and can you believe that I HATED makeup?

4. I have been dying my hair since the fifth grade. Now I'm trying to stop to allow it to grow a bit more healthily.

Yeah, awkward. [2006]
Eventually I got better! [2008]

5. I used to not be able to smile. Yes, I thought I was ugly and looked like a boy that I wouldn't dare to smile. Midway of high school I used to stand in front of a mirror practicing how to smile, trying to perfect it for class photos! Seems like it paid off :D

6. I have been writing K-pop fan fiction for as long as I can remember! If you wanna read go to: www.my-fictionaddiction.blogspot.com :)

In Kyoto with my friends!

7. I like photography and considered that as a career...but honestly I wish I was better and had more creative flair and I shall practice more!

8. I graduated from a school that no longer exists LOL that makes me feel sad but they knocked it down and moved locations and changed the name.

9. I have been to Japan more than I have been to my native country Cambodia LOL and still plan to go back soon!

1/4 of my dimples

10. I know this seems very unbelievable but I have four dimples on my face. Yes, FOUR dimples. I fell in love with dimples because of Super Junior's Choi Si Won!

Anyway, that's it for now LOL I got tired from searching through my pictures~ I will write about my actual birthday later tonight or something ^^ Hope you all have a beautiful and safe easter weekend!

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