30 April 2012

My heart got stolen, again.

This is a quick random post because...the past couple of days I've been a little obsessed on Tumblr over EXO-M's leader, Kris!

Oh god, even his name gives me tingles. I find him to be perfect in every way, well looks wise. Kikwang seems to excel naturally at everything else =P

Name: Kris
Position in EXO-M: Leader and Rapper
Date of Birth: November 6, 1990
Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean & English
Height: 187cm

What's got me hung over is that Kris is kind of the opposite of what I like in my ideal guy DX

Anyways before I rant and write a very pointless essay, I'll just show you his pretty face :)

I'm just gonna go squeal in a corner now.

I think by me perving on him, it keeps me sane and on a happier note from the news of my grandma.

Anyways, bye :)

28 April 2012

I need to be positive, need to keep smiling.

There's some bad news I need to relay. On the evening of the 24th, my amazing grandmother had passed away. The family is fine since we were expecting this sooner or later. We all managed to have our proper goodbyes and all. It was sad hearing such news but I know that I can rest at ease knowing that she is no longer in pain or suffering. For the past couple of days, I have actually been all smiles because my mother told me not to cry.

"If you want your grandma to be happy, don't cry. Don't let her drown in our tears when she's watching over us in a better place. You'll only hurt her more."

I was doing okay until last night. I was thinking about her and I managed to recall her voice calling out to me calling me "jau-w" which means "grandchild". Then I would think about her smile, whenever she would see if after a long time, I would always make an effort to make her smile because it was the most touching an adorable thing ever just to see her happy. Then reality hit me. I was never going to hear her voice again, never going to see her smile again. It hurts but where she is now is a much better place, I know that better than anyone.

I know for a fact that the pain will eventually subside but the memories won't. My family has so much to be thankful for, she was a remarkable woman that we loved so much. She helped shaped our family to be who we are today, if it weren't for her I probably wouldn't have been born or even know English.

Grandma, your granddaughter misses you so much. It hurts but I will be happy because I know that you will be watching over us. Thank you for everything, words really cannot express my gratitude. If my mother is my hero, than you're our legend.

Rest in Peace. I love you :)

23 April 2012

I'm curious about haters.


First of all, I don't mean to be a judgemental. This just happens to be an expression of my opinion on this whole matter. I don't have any haters nor have I ever experienced this...well actually maybe twice in my entire lifetime but that was long ago. I only just remembered when I starting writing this entry.

I'm curious about "haters", I know that they tend to exist everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Let's face it, not everyone can be loved. But how does this hatred build up? One major factor I believe is jealousy. Like most girls, they do not like seeing someone who is prettier than them...or more so they don't like seeing a girl who is not pretty (in their opinion) but more popular than themselves. I could be wrong on this, but I guess this is how I see the picture so correct me if I'm wrong.

Well in a sense I can understand if there are haters lurking just because the actual person is a bitch. I can relate to that but do you really need to provoke that person? Provoking an ill-tempered girl or just provoking in general, never results well. But what really bothers me is, WHY? Why waste your time hating on someone you barely know?

The last experience I had with a hater was like in midway of high school. I did not personally know her. I had never spoken with her, heck we didn't even attend the same school. But I did know of her. Yet I had her on MSN and she approached me out of the blue. Used vulgar language at me and tried to belittle me like:

"I bet you're still a virgin aren't you?" 
"You've never been with a guy have you?" 
"You're such a TB, grow up" 
"Don't make me come and fuck you up"

I seriously sat there thinking, what in hells name was this even about? I was getting threatened for something I had no clue about! But I was better than that to provoke her and call her names in return. I was calm and collect the whole time and even responded promptly. I was accepting who I was and I didn't have the slightest problem about it. So when I replied as if I didn't care, it seemed to have tick her off more. Bare in mind that I had no intention of provoking her, I was just being mature about the situation and just shrugged it off my shoulders. I didn't know her, I didn't want to personally attack her. So I just waited for her to end the conversation and leave. I admit I was a little upset and approached some friends who knew that particular girl. They were even shocked when I said I didn't even know her beforehand. But I got over it.

But one thing I know for sure is. If you're hating on someone that you do not personally know, don't bother wasting your time and effort to try and hurt them. It's just stupid. Fine, you can bitch about it to your friends, whatever. Don't go out of your way to find and approach them online and send them your negativity. Doing it online as an "Anon" really is just pansy-like. It's not pleasant to see and frankly it's immature. It makes more sense if you know them personally, they've screwed you over, done terrible things to you and whatnot.

I know it's not possible to stop the hate, but is it really necessary? Yes I know perfectly clear, haters are gonna hate, and what I hate the most is people inflicting pain on others, spreading their negativity to others. But deal with your own problems, learn to love the person in the mirror and learn to accept others. If you don't, keep it to yourself.

17 April 2012

Possibly travel plans!


What up? As the title suggests, the boyfriend and I are currently discussing travel plans. Destinations? South Korea, Japan & Vietnam!

Well I'm very hopeful to have these plans go ahead because Bach's parent's were the ones to suggest going to Korea and Taiwan and then to Vietnam. Bach texted me earlier today asking if I wanted to tag along since I have already been to Korea and still need to visit Vietnam! The plan is to leave in July and I guess Bach and I will be on vacation for about three weeks...I have yet to ask my boss who is currently overseas DX which I'm dreading since I only recently came back from a three week holiday from South Korea.

As we both got home Bach told me to search up flights immediately for all those set destinations. I searched from Melbourne to Korea, Korea to Taiwan, Korea to Japan then Taiwan and Japan to Vietnam...Vietnam to home. @__@ it was hectic just trying to think and get the prices right!! I did a whole multi-destination on Expedia.com and the return total cost $5,500+ that was just WTF. WAYYY out of my budget. I could use all of that money for shopping in either Korea and Japan for MONTH instead of airfares.

So what I did in the end was search individual flights from my preferred selected Airline and pricing, of course with the help of Expedia. This was for Melbourne>Seoul>Japan>Vietnam>Melbourne and the roughly estimated price cost about $1700 for airfares!! From $5,500 > $1,700. I must be some airfare legend or ... just your typical cheap Asian.

But anyways, talking about travels I really want to go!! I'm waiting to see what Bach's parent's say as well as my trying to get approval from my boss. I'm being really hopeful and excited...if not I'll have to go to Seoul in late October! Aigoooooo

Anyways, I was just excited and thought I should just randomly blog about this XD nyahhhh
Will probably update this later once everything is actually properly booked and confirmed!


15 April 2012

Life as we know it

Hey guys, what's up?

I've been thinking about this for a while now...I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 4 years now and recently my mother has been pushing me in terms of marriage and having a child, well actually it's one or the other. I honestly don't know how to respond to that because I am still quite young. Though many of my friends have already given birth to a child at a younger age, I don't feel that I am almost ready. I love children with a big heart. I adore them so much that I barely pay attention to anyone when they talk to me, that's how much I love children LOL

Whenever I tell my mum that I have plans to go to overseas to Japan or overseas in general, she scolds me. Yes, literally scolds me and tells me I need to stop spending feverishly and start really thinking about my future. I need to buy a house, I need to get married and I need to have children before she gets too old and won't be able to see all of that.

With all of my heart, I would love to be pregnant and bear a grandchild for her. I remember talking to Bach about it early on in our relationship and I was brought to tears because I just wanted to see my mother happy. I believe that once my mother has a grandchild her job as my mother is complete. I feel sad because all of her friends have grandchildren and she is trying so hard to patiently wait for it, but the wait will be a lot longer. But there are a few certain reasons that hold me back.

1. I would not want to have a child before my brother and his wife. They have been trying but not succeeded since their first miscarriage and there's some health issues so it's difficult for my sister-in-law to conceive. But they really do want a child and I would feel hurt or upset if I were to ever fall pregnant and have a child before them, they deserve it more.

2. My mother has actually been bothering me since I started dating Bach, hinting that "It's good to have a child when you're young because they turn out smart" LOL well that's her theory. Every year, she would constantly nag me but I want to be able to travel a lot more before settling down properly with a family.

3. Bach and I of course have conversations about our future. But he is certain that he doesn't want us to bring a child into this world if we aren't financially stable. That's true. I don't want to struggle and always rely on my parents. He's also worried at the fact the his parents will looking down on him.

4. I want a house. It's simple. Right now I am freeloading off my parents (only because I don't have permission to move out LOL my mum's attached to me). but because I don't pay any kind of rent, as my parents refuse to take any money from me, they want me to save up hard and buy a house. Hence, I always get in trouble from wanting to travel. That's where most of my money goes.

5. I have a few more destinations I want to travel to in the future. I must return to Japan, Korea, USA and Cambodia. But I also want the chance to travel to other places in Asia like Hong Kong, Vietnam and maybe go to Paris to visit my cousin as well!

Well, that seems to be the constant issue surrounding my life right now. I'm not even sure, the thought of getting married and having a child, our future together, really gets me excited. Like I said earlier, I love children and I am curious to know what they will look like. But also, I don't want to rush into something like this. I feel bad because I tend to nag Bach, asking when we plan to get engage, married and have children. Well, isn't it every girls' dream to be happily married and have children?

It's so cute though, Bach said that we hope to have our first child when I'm 26 and I can stay home and look after it. So sweet because he would like me to be the housewife! ...too bad my cleaning and cooking habits are very...well rusty isn't the right word, I was just never that great at any of those LOL

My ideal age is to get married at 25 and have my first child at 26. What's your ideal marriage age and when do you want your first child?

7 April 2012

REVIEW: GEO Cafe Mimi in Latte Brown

Hey guys, wassup?

It's been a while since I actually a review of lenses. So I thought since I am in a good camwhoring mood I thought I may as well do a review. I've been so lazy to actually even put any makeup on because I've just been going natural lately that putting any false lashes on immediately makes me rip them off but today they seemed to be a little more tolerable.

Anyway, on to the review! I've been boycotting the GEO Medical Cafe Mimi in Latte Brown for quite some time now. But I seemed glad that I finally opened these because I absolutely love them! Although they are a bit more natural on my eyes which is probably why! I got the Latter Brown instead of the Macchiato Browns because I thought that these would turn out to be lighter on my eyes instead they blended in a bit more haha

I purchased these lenses from pinkyparadise.com a while ago, click here for the latte browns and just your basic information.

Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Now on to the review!

Smiling because they're super comfy!

Comfort: 5/5 ★★★★★
This is no joke, these lenses are seriously comfortable! I'm wearing them right now and I don't feel any sort of discomfort. When I blink, look around I can't feel a thing! It is almost as if they aren't in my eyes at all. I haven't had the need to pull out my eyedrops so I think I will be able to wear these for a long periods of time. Although I recommend they should be no more than 6-8 hours!


Colour: 4/5 ★★★★☆
If you have slightly lighter brown Asian eyes these lenses, with the assistance of the floral patterns actually help accentuate the colour of your iris. They make your eyes appear a more vibrant and warm brown. They are quite natural so if natural looking colour isn't exactly what you're looking for, then I don't recommend these to you that's unless you have light blue or green eyes.

No makeup. Lens is on the right side!

Enlargement: 5/5 ★★★★★
Despite not having a thick black ring, the lens itself is quite enlarging. I almost had mistaken them as 15.0mm lens. As you can see in the above image, there is quite a difference in size :) I'm not wearing any makeup so you can really see the difference.

Overall: 5/5 ★★★★★
In a short time, I think I have fallen in love with these lenses and would totally recommend them since my ratings are so high for them! If you get the chance, don't hesitate to try them. I'm not sure what else to say about these so I'm just going to upload photos of them below so you're able to decide for yourself ^^

Enjoy! Hope this review helped!

No makeup and unedited shot with lenses in

Bright light shining through 

Unedited image

Side view

Side view

Bright lighting

All pictures were taken in natural lighting and slightly edited.

4th of April

Hey everyone!

As the title suggests, it's going to be about the 4th of April, which is my birthday =) I wasn't going to post anything about it but I thought I had to ^^
Red Velvet Cupcake

Naturally I never really enjoyed celebrating my birthday. The following reasons were because during high school, my birthday was always during the school holidays and well...no one really ever did wish me a happy birthday nor did I ever receive gifts apart from my own family. So I felt like I wasn't important or rather just forgotten. When I finally had a birthday during school, no one knew still. The second reason happened to be more of the recent years. I feel that there's been a rift in my friends, of course I believe that it was my fault and caused entirely by me. So if I were to celebrate or even have a party, I wouldn't know who to invite. It would just be awkward. Things have been getting better between the girls and I am thankful for that, really I am but at the same time I cannot stop my heart from feeling guilty.

Well those are the two sole reasons why I don't like to celebrate my birthday or more so why I am not fussed to celebrate it. I apologize if those reasons sounded selfish, but that's what I just think of the whole thing! But going out to celebrate it with some close friends really did liven me up and made me really appreciate their efforts a lot more.

Courtesy of Ravy

At work, it was just a regular day for me. My co-workers kept singing "happy birthday" to me whenever I would just randomly walk pass, seriously I was so embarrassed but it did make me happy! Then another surprise arrived at work just before lunch. A bouquet of red tulips were sent my way from the lovely Sophy. It was such a surprise because one, Bach hasn't bought me any flowers since our first year anniversary LOL and I don't ever expect flowers because...when I got home I struggled to find a vase LOLOL But thank you so much Sophy<3 I love them!!

I also happened to have receive a very surprising call from Kimu (xxshinrai). Asking me if I was interested to go to the Super Junior's Super Show 4 Concert in Sydney, she offered to pay for half of my ticket to watch. I was really shocked and it was really unexpected!! But I really appreciated the thought hahaha thanks bubbu <3 you're the best! But in the end we decided that we wouldn't go due to not being big fans anymore. But definitely we will go to B2ST, BigBang or anything K-pop group we're into <3

Bouquet of Tulips!

As the night progressed, Ravy and Sophy organised a dinner at Zest89 in the Glen. Bach, Bao (Bach's brother), Ravy (my cousin), Sambat (Ravy's boyfriend) and Sophy were my company! It was such a nice atmosphere with us together since we all get along so well! We met up and dinner there was beautiful! I bought the Lamb Skewer with chips as a side. It was heaven! Sophy's Seafood Spagolio looked amazing! Behold for some food porn below.

Seafood Spagolio
Wagyu beef burger
Lamb skewer
After completing dinner, I did not realise that the girls had organised and bought me cupcakes. I begged for them not to sing to me LOL but they did it anyway and really, for the first time in a long time I felt special and loved whilst surrounded by these people. It was really touching. I was actually more shocked to find out that they bought me 22 cupcakes LOL I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with them, I still have like 12 sitting around my house!

Cards written with love <3
The moment I arrived him, I ripped apart the cards the girls had given me. I sat there reading and virtually teared up because they were just so sweet! Nothing could really top that, I didn't need no gifts. This was enough to satisfy me with love. Thank you so much guys, I really don't know how else to show you my appreciation. You've fed me with love that I've been missing out on for a while. I really couldn't be any happier than to have you in my life.

Text from Bach LOL
Bach's handmade card.
 The above pictures were just for fun. I asked Bach to make me a heartfelt birthday card because he's never done one and that seems to be the end result. Utter failure but it was so cute! Also some uplifting news, I saw my grandma yesterday and she looks quite well. She ripped apart a crab to eat LOL she's still going strong ^^

My grandma <3
That's enough blabbering for today! I shall update soon about my travels again!! Love you <3

5 April 2012

22 years of reflection!

Hi guys, wassup?

A baby photo of me [199X]

Well guess what? Yesterday was finally my birthday and I have just turned 22 years old. Although everyone still calls me a baby...I sure as hell don't look like one lol but people always seem to be shocked at my age when I meet them, perhaps its because I act quite mature? But seriously when you get to know me haha that's a whole different level!

Baby photos~

I'm not sure what to write this post about, given that it's my birthday the only thing I could think of is to share at least ten facts about myself as a reflection of my 22 years of walking this earth. So here it goes!

Taken whilst in Korea [2012]

1. I am of Cambodian and Chinese descent, mostly Cambodian but my mother looks very Chinese/Vietnamese. But I do not look like my nationality, it seems that anywhere I travel to, I seemingly blend in LOL very unique.

This was everyone in the crew! [2008]
Just a few <3 [2008]

2. Back in 2007-2009 I used to be apart of a dance crew called Hi-Voltage! Lol yes, a hip-hop dance crew yo! We competed a lot and drew a lot of memories together. It was heaps fun and I still really miss dancing!

My one and only brother, Cham [2012]

3. I have one older brother. He's really awesome despite how lame he can be, he's always been my support and kept me going on the right road and even has protected me for plenty of things. Growing up with only a brother, I was a bit of a tomboy. I grew up learning a bit of mechanics off him (I know how to change a flat tyre or check my water and oils LOL) and can you believe that I HATED makeup?

4. I have been dying my hair since the fifth grade. Now I'm trying to stop to allow it to grow a bit more healthily.

Yeah, awkward. [2006]
Eventually I got better! [2008]

5. I used to not be able to smile. Yes, I thought I was ugly and looked like a boy that I wouldn't dare to smile. Midway of high school I used to stand in front of a mirror practicing how to smile, trying to perfect it for class photos! Seems like it paid off :D

6. I have been writing K-pop fan fiction for as long as I can remember! If you wanna read go to: www.my-fictionaddiction.blogspot.com :)

In Kyoto with my friends!

7. I like photography and considered that as a career...but honestly I wish I was better and had more creative flair and I shall practice more!

8. I graduated from a school that no longer exists LOL that makes me feel sad but they knocked it down and moved locations and changed the name.

9. I have been to Japan more than I have been to my native country Cambodia LOL and still plan to go back soon!

1/4 of my dimples

10. I know this seems very unbelievable but I have four dimples on my face. Yes, FOUR dimples. I fell in love with dimples because of Super Junior's Choi Si Won!

Anyway, that's it for now LOL I got tired from searching through my pictures~ I will write about my actual birthday later tonight or something ^^ Hope you all have a beautiful and safe easter weekend!