26 March 2012

My early birthday present: MacBook Air

Wassup? How is everyone?

Love my red cover hard case <3

I'm good as you can tell by my blog title lol I got spoilt with a 13" MacBook Air. I've had it for almost three weeks now and I can't take my hands off it! My boyfriend pretty much pitched in half as a birthday gift to me...since I complain about him blocking access to my Mac with his notebook/studies and especially when his brother comes over and play FIFA12 whilst screaming like little girls. I sit on the bed or in the living room on my phone or iPad. Using the iPad 2 does have it's limits since it cannot run flash player so it kinda is useless and the fact the Bach always uses it when he goes to the toilet for his long business =_="

So he finally decided that we should invest in a notebook for me, but also for himself. Can you imagine the poor guy lugging around a 17" laptop at uni? Crazy! I struggled taking it to the car from my very own house loll I was actually shocked that he agreed and even suggested it because last year when I wanted to complete my Apple collection he was strongly against it, knowing that I didn't need it would be a waste of space. But because my birthday was approaching I guess it worked out to be a gift =P

But before discussing anything, I was convinced that I was gonna buy the base model 13" MacBook Pro, but once we arrived at the Apple store we stood there discussing the option of the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. Bach joked about the 11" Air to be too small for my blind eyes lolol =_=" he even told the sales assistant that I was blind, it was so embarrassing!! So anyway, it was a battle between the 13" Pro or 13" Air.

Look how sleek it is!

We had to think hard about the decision and take everything into consideration, the entire time he was trying to convince me to get the MacBook Air, why? Well, I already had a Mac computer at home and Bach already had a notebook of his own so there was no exact need for massive clutter and new proper computer. The Air was thinner, smaller, faster, lighter in weight and had the basic needs of a notebook. It runs a SSD HDD so file transfers should be lightning fast and start up should also be quicker too. It's said that the screen has a better resolution than the MacBook Pro as well. But the cons were that space would be limited, about 128GB worth of space :(

But the MacBook Pro on the other hand was going for the same price, less actually, and had more features. Running the i5 CPU and had a 500GB HDD. It was a big debate because you could get something a bit better for better money value too. But it would have been 0.70kg heavier and thicker.

But I didn't need the extra space or functionality because I had my Mac at home so in the end, I was convinced I didn't need a whole new computer but one for just leisure use and one that would be of use to me especially when I plan to travel :) So the MacBook Air won my vote ^^

MacBook Air <3

I actually don't regret choosing the Air! It's thin, sleek and lightweight. Not to mention that it just looks awesome because it's an Apple product! Yes, this is coming from the girl who used to dish out on Apple products and believe that PC was the way to go. I'm actually glad I converted, go Apple!

My baby SeoHyun...although I secretly wish it was Kikwang :(

So here I am, writing this entry with it =P

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