20 March 2012

My cousin's 21st birthday

Hey everyone, how you been?

I just wanted to share my weekend with you guys! On March 17th my dear cousin, Ravy, celebrated her 21st birthday. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone baby! I'll keep this short and sweet <3

Her birthday cake + cupcake tier!

It was a beautiful night celebrated with her family and close friends, the girls were dressed to impress while the guys remained a neat casual. It was fun being in that kind of environment where I'm surrounded by my lovely friends and my close family members, sharing drinks and enjoying the night's music. I was lucky enough to bring my camera along and Bach act as the photographer, so make sure to enjoy the photography below!
The gorgeous birthday girl!!
Judy, Sophy, Polly & Me

She requested that I make a speech for her since I've virtually grew up with her all my life. It was last minute and I screwed up by saying "Hi everyone, I'm Sarah's cousin" LOLOL introduced myself as my own cousin, how embarrassing! But I managed to gather the courage and do it for her because she was one of the most important people in my life who pretty shaped who I am today. Despite attending different schools we always shared a beautiful best friend-like relationship to which I am most thankful for. And although time and age has made us drift apart I will always love and cherish her for everything she has done for me.

During le speech! Only decent picture we got together :(
The girls (aka amazing people I met through her)

Anyway, I hope that you had a wonderful birthday celebrating with your close friends and family. We definitely enjoyed being there with you to see you grow and I hope there will be more times where the family can get together and have a drink!

Meet the family! ..but this is barely half of us LOL
Me and my sister-in-law, Polly
Meet my brother!

Anyway, you can view the full album HERE. But please mind that these are my beautiful friends and my cousin's friends, I haven't watermarked them because I seriously can't be bothered so don't use or abuse them!

My most favourite picture of the night LOL cutie!!
Judy and Polly <3 (Ravy's sister-in-law and my sister-in-law)
Receiving my present!
Me and Sophy, one of my closest and beautiful girlfriends
Me and my princess!

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