5 March 2012

I am home!

Hey guys, wassup?

This is just going to a be a short post, I will definitely update you guys about my trip to South Korea soon!! I just wanted to say hi to all my new followers and thank you for following! <3

I don't remember how many I actually had before LOL but 21 followers was a lot more than I had before DX so thank you! Hope I get the chance to get to know you all ^^

Also, I haven't had the chance to respond to those who have commented and sent me wishes for my grandma's health. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support! It really does give me some strength but I must relay some bad news..

Whilst I was away, she had gotten better but then again her health wasn't very consistent. By the time I left Korea, my grandma was released and sent home due to the antibiotics, her body was no longer responding to them :( so shortly enough she will pass away soon. But I am thankful that she managed to live out at least 6 weeks longer than she was expected and I will make sure to spend plenty of time with her before her last breath :)

So thank you all for your strength and kind words! Anyways, I shall end it here and update VERY soon, I promise  <3

Love, Saera

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